5 Tips to Select the Ideal Web Hosting Partner

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Did you know that if visitors encounter just a second of delay in loading your website, then it is estimated that there will be a 7% reduction in the conversion of the traffic? Today, a web presence is an absolute necessity for any enterprise that wishes to connect and conduct business with internet-savvy consumers; be it on a B2C or B2B level. For businesses that sell their products or services through the internet- like e-commerce websites- it calls for even better-informed decisions while choosing a web hosting service. Gone are the days when price-based storage and bandwidth were the only considerations that businesses had while taking their website or services online. There is a comprehensive amount of analysis and study that you need to carry out today before selecting a web hosting partner.

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Here are 5 tips you can follow to make better decisions while choosing a hosting partner for your website or web application:

Go for scale on-demand services

In the case of small businesses, they often fall for the catch of unlimited storage or unlimited bandwidth from web hosting providers. These hosting packages will have hidden usage clauses most of the time that restricts the functioning of your hosted site or app beyond a specific usage pattern. If by chance, your business website or application gets a viral boost in social media, resulting in a flood of traffic, chances are that your hosting provider will ask you to subscribe to a more premium package for meeting the increased demand. Considering the risk of losing customers or good deals, your small business will be forced to pay for premium options for an entire year, even if your usage surge was just for a couple of days or weeks. This will hurt your long term growth plans significantly.

Modern cloud service providers offer easy scalability for your web application or website needs and require you to pay for only what you use. This can greatly improve your website’s capability to handle peak traffic volumes resulting in better conversions.

Ensure data security and integrity

Across the globe, government regulatory bodies are turning more vigilant about how businesses collect and use data of citizens of their monetary benefits. As such, security becomes a key parameter while launching any web-based application or site that interacts and collects user data online. Since this data is likely to reside where your application is hosted, it is important to ensure that the provider can guarantee a safe and secure data management and storage facility. Any lapse in security may result in personal and confidential customer data falling into the wrong hands. This can lead to potential lawsuits and penalties that may affect your entire business finances. Recent regulatory provisions like GDPR in Europe are a testimony to the rising need for a secure web hosting space for your website.

Look for domain flexibility

Your internet presence might be small initially. However, as time lapses, there will be a constant demand to add more features or business offerings via internet-enabled services. This will trigger the need to add subdomains or maintain multiple websites under a single business account. While choosing a hosting provider, ensure that they have enough flexibility to high levels of expansion technically while confirming that prices are nominal for such services. This will allow you to scale your web presence effortlessly over time.

Evaluate support options

While selecting a web hosting provider with the best technical infrastructure, you should also check whether the provider guarantees a solid and reliable customer service 24 X 7. Your service provider must be able to offer reliable and easily accessible customer service experts who can keep your technology up and running all the time to ensure business continuity. A reliable web hosting partner will have dedicated support staff round the clock to help you mitigate challenges in your e-business infrastructure.

Try Flexible Managed Services

As business owners, you need to focus on various operational requirements on a daily basis. You may not have enough time or a highly skilled team to manage your enterprise’s IT infrastructure. Platforms like Infince allow you to take your business services to the internet without having to worry about managing technical infrastructure, storage and operational efficiency of your IT systems. You just need to take care of your core business areas. Being cloud-based and supported by world-class teams, such platforms allow you to expand your web presence risk-free and you only need to develop the physical inventory and logistics of your business operations to cope with the rising demand from customers. In short, opting for a flexible enterprise cloud platform will help you run your business on the internet with peace of mind.

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Getting your business on the internet requires an intense evaluative procedure to select the right partner for website hosting. For the most cost-effective and worry-free experience, it is always advisable to utilize a cloud-based service provider to meet your e-business needs on a continuous basis. Get in touch with us to explore how Infince can be your perfect partner in setting up a viable business presence through the internet across the world.

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