5 Video Marketing Trends That Every SMB Needs To Follow

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As the competition tightens and consumers have more choices, small businesses often face the challenge of bringing the message out about their products and services. In other words, they seek innovative marketing opportunities to improve sales. Today, one of the biggest assets a small business can rely on to market their offerings is undoubtedly video marketing. If you are wondering why these figures will prove it:

  • Up to 16 hours of video is consumed over the internet by a user every week (Forbes)
  • 66% of all consumers would like to learn about a product through video demonstrations (Wyzowl)
  • 71% of marketers agree that video converts more prospects into leads than any other form of content (Vidyard)

So now that you understood the impact video marketing can make, it is time to have a look at what the industry demands today in terms of video content and approach. 

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Here is a short glimpse of the top video marketing trends for small businesses in 2020:

1. Stories of Inspiration

Plain product demonstrations or glitzy advertisement videos many not excite today’s crowd. Besides, expensive advertisement videos may not be a good option for small and medium businesses as they need more financial muscle to run their core operations rather than diverting all funds into just marketing. So, the best way forward is to come with inspiring themes for your brand story. 

People tend to side more with brands that can resonate with stories of common folks who made it big. By pushing out such a story and getting a connection to your business diligently, the video you make creates a lasting impact that will reside in consumer memory for a long time.

2. Smart Video Creation Services

Today, there are several video-making apps and websites that allow you to create simple yet powerful video clips that position your brand appropriately. Once you have the script ready, it is just a matter of choosing a platform. It takes just over 20 minutes or so to make a video if you have ready-made templates and simple editing tools. While sophisticated tools and specialist editors can do a better job, it is always good to try something fresh on your own using the numerous tools and platforms available today.

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3. Optimized for Channels

A decade ago, videos were primarily hosted and viewed on YouTube. Fast forward to today, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., are the new arena for video distribution and viewership. The biggest advantage is the large social interaction capability on video content that is facilitated by these social networks. 

Videos that go viral on Facebook and Twitter bring unprecedented traffic to businesses that marketed it. So, a small business that wants to target video marketing today needs to create videos that are optimized for different social media channels. The optimization is not just on file size but also on the length of the video, content tone and voice, demographic choices for scenarios, and much more. 

The number of personalization options you can try with social media-based video marketing is tremendous. The right fit video can change the fortunes of your business in a matter of hours or days.

4. Shorter videos in larger frequencies

Videos are not just a tool to demonstrate product features but can be used as an informative piece of content like what blogs do. Thus, a healthy video publishing schedule is a growing trend among small businesses today that wish to succeed with video marketing. 

The videos would be short and crisp in terms of messaging and context but they need to be published more frequently, say for example, twice a month. Some businesses go to the extend of publishing one every week. The more video content you have, the greater are the opportunities to win customer loyalty through regular posting.

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5. Interactive Videos

While this may not be possible for all kinds of businesses all the time, every small business can consider publishing an interactive video message at least once in their marketing calendar. With VR and AR devices becoming more mainstream, more people have the capability to view interactive video content at their convenience. The most important element for small businesses to consider while generating interactive video content is to incorporate their core business activity in the video theme.

If your small business is not capitalizing on video marketing, then it is missing out on a big opportunity to grab a sizeable number of potential leads. Videos are the best way to improve engagement and build brand loyalty. Once leads turn into deals, you have to be prepared to meet customer expectations. This is where operational efficiency and digital proficiency take the driver’s seat. To ensure a seamless digital-first experience in your business, get in touch with us to explore the possibilities of InfinCE – one of the best digital business platforms for small and medium businesses.

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