This section gives a high level overview of INFINCE.

  • Who owns my data?

    You own your data.

  • What if I would like to run Software that is not in your Applications Marketplace?

    If you need a business application that is not currently listed in our Marketplace, please reach out to us. We can add it to INFINCE, and set it up in your private network, provided it supports integration and is compatible with INFINCE’s Single-Sign-On.

  • What happens if an employee leaves the company?

    The company’s INFINCE administrator can off-board an employee in one step. A user login that has been deactivated may be assigned to a new employee. If desired, the new employee may be given access to the prior employees files to facilitate on-boarding.

  • How many employees can I add? Do I pay for each employee as and when I add them?

    You can register as many employees as needed. We only bill for each employee that has used INFINCE during the calendar month at the end of the month.

  • What additional applications are available?

    The list of INFINCE marketplace applications is growing. Our early efforts focus on opensource applications, but most commercially available software and access to many SaaS applications can be integrated into INFINCE upon request.

  • What do I need to get started with INFINCE?
    1. A supported device (Desktop, Laptop, Chromebook, Tablet, or Smartphone)
    2. Internet access
    3. A Credit card
    4. We use your internet domain name in your unique INFINCE identifier. (That ensures you have rights to that name.) But if you don’t have one, we can help you get one while you sign up. (The availablity and cost of a chosen internet domain name will vary.)
  • Why is INFINCE better than “run-your-business” software?

    First, INFINCE’s approach is to let you choose your software from a variety of solution providers. Second, when the provider licenses an open source product you are able to change it when and how you may want.

  • What is INFINCE Workplace?

    INFINCE is the new way for business to run IT, with a rich set of base functionality and with options to meet just about any special business need.  INFINCE Workplace is the name of the standard set of features that come with INFINCE. Workplace includes:

    • o   Secure file sharing and file management
    • o   Collaborative editing tools (documents, spreadsheets, presentations)
    • o   User defined dashboards with configurable “smart” tiles
    • o   Video chat, Video Meetings, text chat, audio only calls
    • o   Business email server and client
    • o   Custom mobile app
    • o   Productivity apps (calendar, tasks, media viewer)
    • o   Employee Directory and Contacts list
  • A Brief Outline of INFINCE

    Here’s an overview on how various INFINCE features can help you run business more efficiently.

    In INFINCE you create Dashboards which can be shared with everyone, or restricted to teams. Dashboards are made up of “smart” tiles configured as needed.

    Business Dashboard

    A Dashboard Example

    INFINCE Workplace features are augmented with optional Marketplace Applications that you can activate with a click. Take advantage of numerous productivity and enterprise applications. Many have no license cost.

    Free Business Apps

    Marketplace Applications

    With INFINCE files can be shared securely – even with those outside the business.

    Intuitive File Management

    Your company’s Administrator can see at a glance all your INFINCE assets, and the current running cost. Should more or different assets be needed, they are only a click or two away.

    Simple Administration

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