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Get your virtual desktop on your smartphone with the Enterprise Apps for  INFINCE Workplace on Android and iOS.

  • Can I download the INFINCE App from Playstore or App store?

    No, INFINCE App is not distributed on any public channels. It is an Enterprise specific App that pulls data stored in your own secure, private server. It is themed and branded with your company identity and hence is not published on Playstore/App store.

  • Is this App restricted to employees using INFINCE?

    Yes, the app is restricted to employees using INFINCE as they’d need to login to the app using their credentials.

  • Are there different app versions (free, paid, etc.)? What does the App cost?

    Employees can download iOS & Android app, using the QR code. The basic version of the app comes free with in INFINCE, and if there needs to be any additional customization for the app, we can incorporate that at a cost.

  • How long will it take my Android & iOS apps to build — soon after I sign up?

    Once you sign up, we will let you BUILD the basic app for iOS & Android. It gives you an option to upload your company images, logo and text. This information is processed by us to produce an Android app within 5-10 mins and iOS app takes at least 1 business day to be fully functional as Apple App store has fairly complex App approval processes.

  • Why do I need the app? What are some common use cases that the App is used for?

    Briefly speaking, the INFINCE Mobile App makes available on your smartphone, most of the features of your INFINCE virtual desktop. You would have

    • Dashboards : Access all your Dashboards from within the App and get your business summary.
    • Chats & Video calls: Collaborate with all your colleagues over instant messaging and video/audio calls.
    • Directory: You no longer need to manually save contact information of your colleagues. Directory on INFINCE App enables you to view the profile (Profile pic, Contact ph#, Email etc) of all your colleagues.
    • Applications : Let’s you access your INFINCE Common Tools like Fileshare, Email, Tasks and Calendar, as well as your business applications within INFINCE Workplace.  Take control of the those softwares, that are accompanied by an app in the app store. Eg: Upskill

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