Application Tiles

When you subscribe to certain Business Applications like Mautic or Open Project, these come bundled with tiles that can be added on the dashboard for visualizing business data from these Applications. These tiles will be visible only to those users who have permission to use the corresponding business application.

Adding an Application Tile

  • To add a desired Application Tile, click on the “+New” >> “Tile” option on the top right side of the dashboard.
Application Tile
  • In the “Application Tiles” menu on the left, choose the desired chart type and click on the “+Add”.
Adding Application Tile
  • A new Application Tile with the chosen chart type will be added to the Dashboard. The preset name will be displayed for the Tile, you can change it as desired.
Assigned Packages – Open Project
  • Click on the edit icon (appears when you hover on the tile) to set the filter values for the query parameters.
Editing the Parameters
  • You can select the desired values for the chart parameters and submit. The changes will get reflected in the tile.

Application Tile listing under Administration

Open Project, Upskill, and Mautic are the applications that come bundled with Application Tiles.

Click on the Administration > Applications > Installed Applications > Open Project > Manage page.

Installed Applications

Click on the ‘Tiles’ tab to view the tiles available for Open Project.

Application tiles available for Open Project
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