Billing Overview and Usage Details

INFINCE Workplace follows a Monthly Billing Cycle. Your invoice is triggered on the first working day of the month (for the usage in the past calendar month). Your first month’s bill will be pro-rated based on the day your account was activated.

The Billing Details are accessible only for users with role as “Administrator”.

The credit card stored against your account will be automatically debited for the invoiced amount less any available credits.

Billing Overview

The Administration > Overview tab gives you the brief summary of your current billing cycle.

Administration Overview showing the summary of Billing

Administration Overview showing the summary of Billing. Expected Bill shows $0 as the account has a credit balance.


Click on the Billing related card to navigate to the Billing Section. (Alternatively, click on your profile pic on top right and choose “Billing” option from the drop down menu).

INFINCE Billing Overview

INFINCE Billing Overview


This Billing Overview page gives you a brief of your Monthly Plan, Current Usage, Credit Available, Payment Overdue and Total Expected Bill in the current cycle.

You can also edit your Billing Contact details on this page.

Billing Breakup

To view the breakup of the items that contribute to your monthly plan and billing, click on the “Billing Breakup” tab. Your monthly bill is based on your chosen Server configuration, Storage Size, # of Users, Business Applications subscribed and any custom support/concierge services availed in that month.

Billing Breakup

Billing Breakup

You can expand each line item to view further details:

Detailed Billing Breakup

Detailed Billing Breakup


Users charged on your account is the total number of unique users who were active on INFINCE anytime during last calendar month. Assume your organization had 20 active users at the beginning of last month. If you added 2 new users and removed 1 user during the month, you would be charged for 22 users.

Servers, Storage and Application usage charges will be pro-rated, based on the subscription start/end date. You can modify any of your assets or applications during the course of the billing month.

To know about your payment options and invoicing, read Payment Methods, Invoices and Account Statement.

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