Install and Manage Business Applications

Do you wish to run email campaigns for your customer base? Or, are you looking for an efficient tool to manage your Customer Support? Perhaps you are already using an application that you wish to integrate to INFINCE through single sign on. INFINCE can help you through all these needs with the click of a button.

INFINCE provides you a growing list of open source applications to manage your business effectively on a low budget. Take advantage of numerous productivity and enterprise applications, including ERP, CRM, CMS, and HRM solutions, hosted on secure cloud environments, dedicated to your need.

Installing a new application on INFINCE

To download an application go to Administration tab. Click on the ‘Applications’.

Various Business applications will be listed in the page. You can use the search bar to find the desired application. Click on the Application logo to see the details of the application. Then click ‘Buy’.



List of Business Applications on INFINCE

Click on “Buy” to install the Application on INFINCE

A panel will open up on the right side. From here, select the flavour from basic to high as per your requirement and select the storage. Finally click on ‘Install’. At any point, if you have queries about the right flavour or storage, reach out to us for guidance.

Choose Flavour and Storage for your Business Application

You would need to wait for some time for the installation to complete. Now go back to the applications page and click on ‘MANAGE’ to provision users for this application.

Provisioning users on a business application? (Assigning roles for employees on business application?)

Click on Administration Tab and the “Applications” tab below it. The list of business apps installed already will be listed on top. Click on the “MANAGE” link on desired application.

Provisioning Users on a Business Application

On top of this page, you would first see the list of “Provisioned Users” (users who already have access to the application), if any. Below this, you would find all other users in your organisation.

Select the User(s) who need access to this application, assign the role of the user in this business app (role is relevant to only that app) and click on “Assign”. User(s) will be provisioned successfully.

Assigning access to an Application


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