Introduction to Dashboards and Tiles

Dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks and analyzes what’s happening in the business. They can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a team, department or company.

Dashboards are great collaboration tools that can enable large teams to share, announce, monitor and analyze, thereby building strong communication channels among team members.

Tiles are the individual information snippets/cards that are the building blocks of the Dashboard.

Dashboards are created and managed by users with administrative access. They can control access to the Dashboard and Add/ Modify/Delete tiles from the Dashboard. INFINCE Dashboards provide highly flexible Tiles that can be resized and re-arranged as desired by the Dashboard Administrator.

INFINCE Dashboard for Business

INFINCE Dashboard for Business

Types of Dashboard

In INFINCE you can create dashboards at 4 levels – Organizational, Department, Team and Personal. While Organizational dashboards are visible to everyone is the organization, Department/Team dashboards are accessible to one or more departments/teams for which the access is given. Personal dashboards are created by individuals for organizing information for personal use.

Organization Dashboards are created/managed by “Client Admins”, Department Dashboards by “Department Admins” and Team Dashboards are managed by “Team Admins”. Regular Users or Team members can only view the Dashboards that they have access to.  They could, however, get access to edit specific tiles on a dashboard for which they have been granted an edit access by  the Dashboard Admin.

For example, the HR could announce upcoming event details on the Organizational Dashboard. Department Admins could publish latest news and important department specific updates on the Department Dashboard. The Team Admins could use the Team dashboard to collaboratively work on a common task, share the status and updates of the Project, announce events and deadlines, share useful technical/business articles and so on.

Types of Tiles

There are 3 kinds of Tiles that are available for sharing information/data on Dashboards.

1. Standard Tiles

Standard Tiles are pre-loaded and available for use when you sign up. This is a growing list of tiles that are designed to cover your basic collaboration needs.

  • Announcements:  To help you share important announcements or short text updates with your organization/department/team
  • Bookmark: Enables you to share links to important articles, reference documents etc
  • World Clock: When you are collaborating with teams/clients who are spread across the globe, this tile helps you keep track of time in desired zones
  • Notes: Make short notes, share tit-bits or even use it as a scribble pad
  • News Feed: Configure RSS Feeds from business or industry sources to stay on top of the latest news and developments
  • Info: These are versatile tiles that come in 4 formats to let you share information in rich text, visual or bold colored formats.

2. Application Tiles

When you subscribe to Business Applications like Mautic or Open Project, these come bundled with tiles that can be added on the dashboard for visualizing business data from these Applications.  These tiles will be visible only to those users who have permission to use the corresponding business application.

3. Custom Tiles

Custom Tiles refer to custom tiles that can be created by administrative users (Client Admin/Dept Admin/Team Admin) to extract and visualize business data from various sources on the dashboard. Custom Tiles can pull data from the business applications you have subscribed on INFINCE, from external APIs and from INFINCE Data sources like CSV files stored on the INFINCE Fileshare. Check article on Custom Data Tiles to know more.

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