Top 10 Alternatives to Microsoft Teams that Aid Remote Work in 2020

    Microsoft Teams

    Top 10 Alternatives to Microsoft Teams that Aid Remote Work in 2020

    10 Substitutes for Microsoft Teams that Facilitate Remote Work Collaboration

    The paradigm shift of work culture from an office environment to work from anywhere mode has triggered a huge discussion around. While working remotely, companies rely on digital collaboration tools to keep their employees connected virtually to the company. Microsoft is undoubtedly one of the leaders in enabling online collaboration with its Teams software which is used by thousands of businesses worldwide to create a seamless virtual collaboration platform for their employees. But not all companies find Microsoft Teams to be the best fit solution for employee communication. Reasons vary from the cost to compatibility with internal policies.   

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    So here are the top 10 alternatives to MS Teams that companies can explore to find their best match:

    1. InfinCE

    When it comes to enterprise collaboration and digital workforce management in SMBs there’s no better solution than InfinCE to deal with rising demands of today’s agile workforce. From customization to reporting, seamless video and audio conferencing, and efficient project management, InfinCE offer a whole array of features that SMBs find especially useful when their workforce has shifted to a remote work culture in times like COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, InfinCE serves as a comprehensive digital backbone for your business with features like a full-blown CRM, HR, Payroll, and a host of unique capabilities all rolled into a secure cloud-based platform you can subscribe to on-demand.

    2. Zoom

    One name that became so popular among online collaboration tools during the COVID-19 pandemic was Zoom. From colleges to multinational corporations, Zoom became an important tool for organizations to help manage meetings and deliver knowledge sessions to millions of people worldwide.

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    3. Google Meet

    Tightly integrated with the G-suite productivity application suite, Google Meet offers an enterprise-friendly version of Google’s popular Hangouts video conferencing solution. From screen sharing to encrypted calls, the platform offers a slew of features that make it a worthy rival to MS Teams.

    4. Zoho Connect

    The workplace collaboration platform from Zoho brings all the necessary productivity and communication solutions needed for an enterprise into a single place. It helps businesses to create a secure workplace channel for employees to exchange information and collaborate seamlessly.

    5. Slack

    Slack is a popular choice for enterprise collaboration and has found wide acceptance especially in the information technology sector. Companies use it to manage large workforces and complex projects with its large collection of collaboration, project management, and communication features.

    6. TeamViewer

    A powerhouse in remote PC management, TeamViewer also offers a suite of powerful enterprise collaboration applications. These help businesses work efficiently in challenging times without worrying about data security, availability, and seamless collaboration efficiency.

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    7. BlueJeans

    From video conferencing to virtual live streams, BlueJeans offers unparalleled communication and collaboration features for businesses to run a completely remote workforce. Acquired by Verizon during the COVID-19 Pandemic, BlueJeans now boasts of backing by one of the world’s premier telecommunications providers paving the way for a highly promising future of innovative enterprise communication in the platform.

    8. Workplace by Facebook

    When one of the world’s most recognizable social media network launched their exclusive workplace management platform back in 2016 after over a year in beta version, thousands of organizations have welcomed it into their internal workforce management ecosystem. It offers all modern features at convenient pricing for a variety of businesses to help their employees communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

    9. Asana

    Asana has grown from modest beginnings to being one of the world’s most renowned team management software platforms available today. From managing shifting priorities during such pandemic situations to effortlessly managing complex projects and team communication, Asana is a powerful alternative to MS Teams and is trusted by some of the world’s most well-known organizations like NASA.

    10. Wire

    A modern-day collaboration suite, Wire boasts of being the most secure online collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes. With transparent pricing, dedicated mobile apps, and a keen focus on usability, Wire is steadily growing its customer portfolio and is a good competitor for MS Teams.

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    Experts believe that the future of work will always be flexible to accommodate disruptive global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly a premier online collaboration platform, but there is always a better choice that suits your unique business model and workforce operations. Working with the right platform can make your workforce’s remote experience a rewarding one. Talk to our experts to learn more about how InfinCE can be the best option for your workforce to stay connected while working remotely.

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