Integrated Cloud Purpose-Built To Grow Your Business

Take advantage of a full suite of business tools available on InfinCE’s digital workplace orchestration platform to optimize your company operations, accelerate growth and ensure cost savings.

Transform Your Business By Embracing The Cloud

What’s keeping your business from adopting the cloud. It’s true that most businesses never went beyond the post-PC era and are stuck with the complexity of managing IT. Whereas with InfinCE, you can host your company’s digital infrastructure on its private cloud and orchestrate the provisioning and management of IT with zero hassles. Centralized administration capabilities lets you configure IT assets rapidly to your workforce and optimize workflows, all in one place at manageable costs.
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Up & Running Fast

Migrate all your assets - data, people, and applications to InfinCE and set up everything needed to run your business in a few hours with our concierge support facility.

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Bring Down Costs

Do away with the high costs of software licenses, separate systems, and IT support teams and optimally manage your business for greater cost savings in the long run.

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Centrally Manage Assets

Have full visibility into your allotted resources - servers, storage, employees, and installed apps and manage them effortlessly on a central control panel.

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Collaborate Efficiently

Instantly connect with your teams, clients, or partners via video calls, live chat, and dedicated phone lines to collaborate smartly and work together from anywhere.

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Ready-to-use Business Tools

With an array of software options, you can easily integrate custom apps befitting your processes, upgrade apps or replace with alternatives in one click.

One-stop Cloud Orchestration Platform

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Secure Cloud

Have all your business data securely stored in one place with stringent privacy measures in place. Private cloud ensures total data security with advanced firewalls and access controls.

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Anywhere Access

Unified experience made possible by single sign-on authentication makes it easier to access your account and installed apps with one set of login credentials for convenience and security.

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Concierge Support

Plan and deploy the right technology solutions for your business through dedicated support offered via email, phone, and live chat.

Ready to migrate your business to InfinCE?

Our team of expert consultants can help you find the perfect plan that suits your budget and guide you through the migration process.