Build unlimited dashboards

Simplify decision making and share up-to-date information…

From multiple sources

Fetch data from files and apps within and outside the enterprise cloud platform

Richly formatted

Create standard tiles, data visualization tiles, and prebuilt app tiles

Shared sensibly

Build organization, department, team, and private dashboards

Communicate through a suite of collaboration apps

Stop relying on apps from multiple vendors to collaborate. Communicate remotely with your in-house and external contacts on the go through a full range of collaboration tools.

Live Chat

Video Calls


Drive your entire business with applications from a curated app marketplace

Manage all your operations from one place by leveraging a growing library of enterprise applications.

Open Source & Proprietary Apps

One-Click Installation

Custom Integrations

Streamline your work with multiple productivity tools

Improve your workforce efficiency with tools for organizing work and managing data. Store privately and share securely using advanced data protection features offered by the cutting-edge enterprise cloud platform.

Office Tools

Business Email

Secure File Share

Control your information assets centrally and effortlessly

Monitor your server and storage usage in real time and control costs with on-demand scaling. Ensure information assets security by administering user access to your files and apps.

Information Assets Management

Access Controls

Single Sign-On

Create a user experience embedded with your company's brand and mission

Reinforce the image and credibility of your business by reflecting branding elements such as colors, logos, and styles on your website, email domain, workspace, mobile apps, and video meeting rooms.

Custom Branding

Set up your enterprise cloud platform in minutes

Unparalleled security with data protection and privacy.

Concierge support from a technically adept team.

Quick set up in a matter of hours with no additional hardware or software.

Reduced costs by running your business without a full-fledged in-house IT team.

What our customers say about us

InfinCE is an amazing cloud platform. We have migrated from ZOHO project management to the free, open-source project management application on InfinCE. We are planning to roll out the cloud platform across our organization.

William Walsworth

Chief Information Officer

Five Brothers

I love the new version of InfinCE, an excellent user interface, and a very powerful platform. I can move from my desktop InfinCE to the custom branded InfinCE mobile app and still access everything on the go. I look forward to seeing more apps in the InfinCE app store. By the way, I love the dark mode!

Nathan Varghese

Owner/Independent Consultant


Everything I needed to start my new business including e-mail, website, video calls, meetings, and document management in one place made me choose InfinCE. InfinCE team support during the initial setup was amazing.

Dr.Philip Mathew


Buzz MD

Our company had an emergency technical situation and we had to immediately leave our old hosting provider. InfinCE came to the rescue and delivered a seamless transition that was flawless on all levels. Their immediate response, attention to detail, and problem-solving qualities were vital in our success.