INFINCE Flavor Types

INFINCE offers a variety of flavors to fit every business need. Enjoy the flexibility of adopting the right mix of CPU, memory and storage for your business technology need. Simple yet efficient.

Ce01 - Basic


The simplest cloud computing platform suitable for basic applications and limited user counts.

vCPU Details 2 Core
Available RAM 4 GB
Number of Users 0 to 10
Ce02 - Basic+


Intermediate performance instances capable of low to basic computing tasks.

vCPU Details 4 Core
Available RAM 8 GB
Number of Users 11 to 60
Ce01 - Medium


Optimized performance instances suitable for small to medium size organizations.

vCPU Details 6 Core
Available RAM 16 GB
Number of Users 61 to 130
Ce02 - Medium+


Performance optimized instances suitable for medium to enterprise organizations.

vCPU Details 8 Core
Available RAM 32 GB
Number of Users 131 to 210
Ce01 - High


Latest generation instances optimized for high-end, improved computing performance.

vCPU Details 12 Core
Available RAM 64 GB
Number of Users 211 to 300

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The fastest and most powerful performance enabled instances for efficient computing.

CPU Details 24 Core
Available RAM 128 GB
Number of Users Above 300

Price Calculator

We aim to make technology adoption simple with pricing that is transparent and uncomplicated.
Use the calculator below to estimate your monthly INFINCE bill.

Access a world of collaboration and utility tools
File Storage($0.1/GB)
Add dedicated storage wherever it's needed.
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Secure and private cloud resources

Startup Plan

You can get started with INFINCE for only $50. Get free access to our Infince core software, with a host of utility and collaboration tools.
Ce01 - Basic 2vCPU 4 GB RAM 25 GB System Storage
20 GB User File Storage
Upto 10 users
50 /mo
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Advanced Plans

Need more users? We can help you configure the cloud resources right for your business. Based on the number of users in your organization, we will recommend the right package for you, and its cost.

We charge user fees only for the active accounts during the month

Need a thorough analysis? Talk to us for an in-depth recommendation based on your need.


Customized Plans

You can get started on INFINCE with as less as 50$ per month. Get free access to our INFINCE basic core and host of utility and collaboration tools. Learn more.

Please note you're billed only for the active users you have each month

2vCPU + 4GB RAM + 25GB OS Storage + 20GB User Storage + 10 Users
50 / Month
20 GB GB + -
0/ Month
10 + -
Estimated monthly cost

Flavor details

Ce01 - Basic
$25 / Month
2 core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Know More
Ce02 - Basic+
$50 / Month
4 core CPU, 8 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Know More
Ce01 - Medium
$75 / Month
6 core CPU, 16 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Know More
Ce02 - Medium+
$110 / Month
8 core CPU, 32 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Know More
Ce01 - High
$140 / Month
12 core CPU, 64 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Know More

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24 core CPU, 128 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Know More

Flavour details

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