Release Notes

We are constantly working towards making InfinCE more powerful and intuitive by adding new features and enhancing the existing capabilities.

The new 2.4.0 version of InfinCE brings several upgrades to the existing features and improvements on the web and mobile apps.
Custom Tiles:
  • Ability to create summary charts by aggregating the rows based on sum/count/average of the Y-variable .
  • Ability to represent data through Area Charts.
Tile Edits/Collaboration:
  • Ability for Dashboard Admins to give individual Tile instance edit permissions to other users.
  • Ability save media files shared over chat to the drive (Files) with a single click.
Environment Variables:
  • Ability to set custom environment variables at individual level, that can be updated by employees from their profile page.
Meeting Upgrades: 
  • SSO for InfinCE users.
  • Ability for host to mute all/select participants
  • Included 3 new themes for InfinCE Workplace, that can be set at organizational level by the Administrator.
  • UX enhancements.
  • Bug fixes.

The new 2.3.0 version of InfinCE brings several upgrades to the existing features and improvements on the web and mobile apps.

Custom Tiles
  • Ability to visualize data fetched from business applications. Currently, Mautic is supported.
  • Ability to represent data through Stacked Bar and Scatter Charts.
Online Meetings
  • Ability to chat with select or all the participants in a meeting.
  • Ability to switch the microphone/camera during a meeting.
  • Ability to resize the chat window.
  • Ability to initiate chats and calls from the user profile page.
Domain Settings
  • Ability to map a registered domain to a website hosted within InfinCE. For example, your business website on a WordPress portal or e-commerce website on OpenCart.
Other Upgrades
  • Ability to define the environment variables for the organization, which can then be used to power Custom Tiles.
  • Listing of deleted users.
Mobile App Upgrades
  • Performance enhancements in one to one video and audio calls.
  • Listing of recurrent meetings within the app.
The 2.2 version of InfinCE brings onboard few key features on the Web and mobile apps.
Custom Tiles:
  • Ability to create and share custom tiles that can be used for data visualisations on the dashboard. Line, Bar, and Pie charts are supported, using data from CSV files within InfinCE or external JSON APIs.
Video Calls:
  • Ability to initiate one to one video calls from individual live chat.
Mobile Upgrades:
  • Included Department and Team information within the User profile.
  • Performance improvements for video calling.
The 2.1 version of InfinCE comes with following upgrades and new features on the Web app.
Business Applications:
  • Ability to directly purchase Business Applications from the App Marketplace.
Email Accounts:
  • Ability to create generic business email accounts for functions like Sales, Support, HR, etc. This feature is available for accounts whose emails are hosted within InfinCE.
Meeting Upgrades:
  • The user interface of meetings has been revised and upgraded for improved user experience and more features.
  • Ability to create recurring meetings.
The first version of the revamped InfinCE Web Application, InfinCE 2.0, is live. The new version is equipped with the latest technology, and refactored for improved performance, usability, and scalability.

All the below core functions are available in the present minimal version of the InfinCE Workplace:

  • Dashboards
  • Standard Tiles
  • Individual and Group Chats
  • Online Video Meetings with Screen sharing
  • Online Office Tools
  • Calendar, Tasks, Photos
  • Employee Directory
  • User Management
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Application Marketplace
  • White Labelling
  • Mobile App 
    • The following additional functions that were available in the earlier Beta versions will be made available soon in the upcoming releases within the next couple of months
      • Video Calls
      • Custom Tiles
      • Application Tiles
      • Automated App Purchase from the InfinCE Marketplace
      • Storage and Server Upgrade
Upgrades to Custom Data Tile Builder
  • Introduced “Chart Type”, “Tile  Information” and “Chart Settings” in tile customization settings for easy and quick creation of data tiles.
  • Provision to support numerical values on x-axis in scatter-plot.
  • Ability to view Meeting details and change the user’s display name within the meeting room.
Website Settings:
  • Provision to view the DNS setting details by users who have purchased their domains through InfinCE.
Release Notes:
  • Provision to view the DNS setting details by users who have purchased their domains through InfinCE.
Major Fixes:
  • Resolved the issue of users at the joining page getting listed as “Unknown” participants before joining the meeting.
  • Eliminated the dependency on screen share plugin for chrome users.
  • Reduced the number of users on group video calls to four.
  • Removed screen share from one on one video calls and limited it to meetings.
Upgrades to Custom Data Tile Builder
  • Provision to switch chart type of Custom Data Tiles.
  • Ability to choose Excel files with one sheet and without formulae, as inputs to custom data tiles.
  • Option to join meetings directly from the calendar.
Email Notifications:
  • Ability to automatically trigger emails to users upon being added to the platform, along with user permission and password changes.
Major Fixes:
  • Erroneous values appearing in charts upon mouse hover.
  • Bugs in cross-device calls.
  • Faulty filtering of admin log activity results.
Major Upgrades:
  • Upgraded live chat for enhanced performance.
Upgrades to Custom Data Tile Builder:
  • Introduced the provision to choose JSON and CSV files, directly from the InfinCE drive, as inputs to custom data tiles.
  • Introduced detailed help content for Chart type.
  • Ability to configure data format for the y-axis variables of charts.
Mobile Upgrade:
  • Introduced audio calls for quick and easy collaboration.
Extended Meetings:
  • Increased the validity of meeting links from the time of creation until 12 hours after the scheduled end time.
Managing “Mail-Only” Users:
  • Introduced the ability to manage storage allocation for ‘Mail-Only’ users from the Administration panel.
Major Fixes:
  • Reduced the battery drain while making video calls.
  • Resolved streaming issues in video calls.
  • Enabled Mozilla Firefox users to create custom data charts.
Major Upgrades:
  • Upgraded Files, Tasks, Calendar, Gallery and Chats for improved performance and functionality.
Upgrades to Custom Data Tile Builder:
  • Introduced Stacked Bar Charts
Online Meetings:
  • Revised User Interface.
Managing ‘Mail-Only’ Users:
  • Introduced ability to add ‘Mail-Only’ users from the Administration Panel. These users will be automatically included in your monthly billing.
Improved Application Marketplace:
  • The Applications listing under Administration has been improved to facilitate easier searches, including search by category. Added more information for each Application to make it easier for customers to evaluate them for their needs.
Ease of App Download:
  • The Mobile App Download page has been made accessible within user profile menu on top right.
  • Bug-fixes and changes to improve the performance.
Upgrades to Custom Data Tile Builder
  • Introduced Area Charts and Choropleths.
  • Introduced more bundled APIs for Mautic Application.
  • Improved contextual help for Application APIs.
‘Mail-Only’ Users:
  • Introduced the concept of “Mail only” users for customers who have their Email Server on InfinCE.  These are additional emails required for business operations (for eg: and are handled by one or more regular InfinCE users. InfinCE users can monitor these email accounts by adding those accounts on their InfinCE Email client.
Upgraded Online Meetings:
  • Re-factored for improved performance, stability and overall experience.
  • Introduced Meetings on Mobile Apps, within the new “More” menu
  • Bug-fixes and changes to improve the performance.
Upgrades to Custom Data Tile Builder:
  • Prompt user to specify sharing of Tiles in the final step.
  • Usability corrections and UI improvements
Mobile Upgrades:
  • Revised Video call feature to native implementation for a smoother experience. Notifications for Administrator when Storage usage exceeds 85%.
  • Usability improvements in Mobile App download process. Customer Support: Introduced Customer support via Chats within the “Support Center” page.
  • Bug-fixes and changes to improve the performance.
Upgrades to Custom Data Tile Builder:
  • Ability to create Pie Charts and Donut Charts from custom sources.
Improved Help and Support:
  • Revised Help & Support menu positions, new Support Center page that allows the user to raise a new ticket, view past tickets, access Knowledge base, Concierge Services and contact InfinCE Support.
Improvements in Storage Allocation charts in Administration panel.
  • Chat Improvements
  • Introduced ability to download attachments shared via Chat or Save them to InfinCE drive (Files).
  • Compression of images shared on Chat for economic use of storage.
  • Handle blocked/deleted users in the Chat listing and Chat messaging screens.
Clean up after Tile Instance Delete:
  • Clear the assets like image files when a Tile instance is deleted.
Mobile Upgrades:
  • Switched to server side rendering of charts to improve loading and performance.
  • Bug-fixes and changes to improve the performance.
Upgrades to Custom Data Tile Builder:
  • Ability to make minor edits to a Chart tile – change parameters, correct legends, labels, title and description.
Dashboard Save Conflicts:
  • Restructuring of the tile data on dashboard, detection of simultaneous dashboard updates to prevent data loss and manage save conflicts.
Revision of Announcement Tile:
  • The implementation of Announcement Tile was revised to follow the convention of data being unique to each instance (Earlier, all Announcement Tile instances would be the same, displaying the same data, with the ability to set view restrictions at individual announcement level)
Revision of Storage Usage representation in Admin:
  • Revisions and corrections in the Storage usage representation under Administration>Storage Allocation.
  • Clearer representation of allocated and used levels of File Storage, Chat Storage and Mail storage (if applicable).
Usability Improvements:
  • Tasks- Introduced headers for Task lists & revised action button Task detail pop-up.
  • Clearer Selection of Theme under Setting page under Administration
  • Viewer for Chat Attachments
  • Provided Mobile App Download icon in an easily accessible area.
  • Bug-fixes and changes to improve the performance.
Upgrades to Tile Builder:
  • Ability to take CSV files as input (accessed via URL; could be stored in Files).
  • Preview of the Tile before the creation.
Super-admin Application Unsubscribe:
  • Ability for Super-admin to unsubscribe a client’s business application on request
Ability to set Environment Variables:
  • Ability to set environment variables at Organizational and Individual levels which can then be used as input parameters in dashboard chart tiles.
Chat Upgrades:
  • Chat UI upgrade.
  • Ability to attach Chat files in Web and Mobile. The Chat Storage can be cleaned up in the Administrator > Storage Allocation area.
Streamline Build App Process:
  • Remove the constraints for File size/dimensions. Provide warning when size is below recommended value, but allow them to proceed.
  • For the App Launcher icon, if the size is lower than recommended, automatically enlarge it before providing it for mobile app building.
Process & Usability Upgrades:
  • Re-positioning of ‘New Dashboard’ and ‘Add Tile’ buttons and styling for improved usability.
  • Link to Help Documentation from Profile drop-down.
Mobile App Upgrade – Chat Attachment:
  • Ability to attach image files in Chat, from Camera or Gallery
  • Bug-fixes and changes to improve the performance.
Upgrades to Tile Builder:
  • Increased support for more external API formats
  • Ability to delete an API that was added
  • Externalized Gallery as a separate App with a link on the left side menu. All image files stored can be viewed and shared in a Gallery format
Storage clean up:
  • When dashboard tiles are removed, related image files will be cleaned up from storage to avoid piling of trash files.
More Mautic APIs:
  • Included more APIs in the Mautic middleware which can be accessed via the Tile Builder to create custom charts.
Mobile App Upgrades – Improvements in Directory Listing:
  • Refreshing the Connect tab will now load the full set of contacts
  • Consistent view of contact profile from all related touch-points within the App
  • Fixes on dashboard for smoother experience and consistency
  • Bug-fixes and changes to improve the performance.
Upgrades to Tile Builder:
  • Ability to create regular Line & Bar Charts (with Count/Sum/Avg functions on y-axis)
  • Ability to create Tabular & Descriptive Charts
  • Ability to change label names (x-axis and y-axis)
File Sharing Details:
  • When a user shares a file with more than one person each of them should be able to see who else has access to the file.
Upgraded Office software
  • Mobile App Upgrade – Improvements in Chart Display
  • Display the filter data on App Tiles such as Mautic, Weather and Open Project
  • Ability to show charts which have non-date variable on the x-axis
  • Bug-fixes and changes to improve the performance.
Tile Builder Upgrade:
  • Introduced support for External APIs (with parameters in URL) as a data source. Any such API added on the Tile Builder will automatically get saved for future use.
Multiple Phone #s:
  • Introduced the ability to add more than 1 phone # for a User. These new numbers can be tagged with custom labels.
Referral Scheme:
  • Ability for InfinCE customers to refer others and earn credits. The referrer and the invitee would get $50 credit on sign-up. Admin users can track all the referrals made from the organization.
Screen Share in Online Meetings:
  • In online meetings with external guests, we now have the screen share ability.
Mobile App Upgrade – Multiple Phone #s:
  • Display multiple phone #s (if present) for a user
Mobile App Upgrade – Voice Call:
  • Ability to initiate audio only calls

Bug-fixes and changes to improve the performance.

Re-factored the Tile Builder module and released Beta Version 1.0:
  • Includes support for Open Weather API and Mautic (subscribed application) with the ability to create Dateline Line and Dateline Bar charts.
Invite External Users to Meetings:
  • Ability to invite non-InfinCE users to join a Meeting. Invites will get sent with the Meeting ID. Anyone with the Meeting ID can log in. Users can enable/disable their video stream.
Audio Only Call:
  • Ability to initiate a call with video disabled.
Consolidation of Email Clients & Email UI Update:
  • All InfinCE Clients (irrespective of where the email is hosted) will now have Rainloop as the Email client. Users with external Email servers have the ability to configure the SMTP settings at the Organisation level. Individual users can then access their emails on InfinCE via SSO.
Bookmarks Reordering:
  • Introduced the ability to edit & reorder links on the Bookmark Tile.
Mobile App Upgrades:
  • Introduced support for INFO Tiles (4 Types), Open Weather Tiles and Open Project Tiles
  • Bug-fixes and changes to improve the performance.
INFO Tiles:
  • New Standard Tile that would enable Admin users to easily share short information over the Dashboard. The tile can be edited in place and supports 4 formats – Text Only, Image Only, Text and Image, Title and short text.
Tile Instance Edit Access:
  • Enable Admin users to share a Tile instance edit access to user(s)/team(s)/dept(s) of his choice.
Enhance External Connect:
  • Enhance the External Connect feature to allow admin requests without approval and include a Coupon for the recipient for InfinCE Sign up.
Enable File Sharing with Teams & Departments
  • Introduce new chat notification when Chat window is closed.
  • User Search in Chat:
    • When searching for a User in the Chat listing, search the Contact list as well and show matching results below.
Revised UI for Clock Tile
  • Mobile App Upgrades:
    • Introduced Version numbering
    • Introduced News Feed Tiles and Mautic Application Tiles for Bar & Pie Charts. Included listing of ‘External Connections’ in ‘Connect’ menu.