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Fingent - The Company behind InfinCE

InfinCE, the comprehensive enterprise cloud suite, was born as a part of Fingent’s resolve to simplify collaboration and information assets management by businesses.

As a global IT company with long-standing technology expertise, Fingent delivers strategic custom software development services that power innovation beyond digital transformation. Our solutions have been game-changers for businesses across industries, by reducing complexity, connecting individuals, and providing valuable insights. We are deep-rooted in our four pillars of influence – Customers, Peers, Family & Self, & Society.


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The Inception

Setting up IT infrastructure by growing organizations is a complex, time-consuming, & expensive affair. But today, every company is a digital company. The problem is that the tasks of finding the right software and business services, keeping infrastructure costs under control, and maintaining data privacy distract business owners from growing their business. With InfinCE, Fingent has made business IT as simple to run as the apps on your phone.

Our Vision

Fingent is committed to continuously add value to InfinCE by improving its capabilities and end-user experience. We aspire to equip our platform with worldwide regional servers, on-premise versions, more instances, powerful algorithms, and cutting-edge features to help our users realize unlimited possibilities at unbeatable pricing.


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