Bring your people together on our intuitive intranet platform. Create a unified work environment to keep your employees connected, informed, and engaged.

The Only Intranet Platform You Need

It’s a dedicated hub that your organization can run, dependably. Centralize internal communications, share and manage files, find information quickly, collaborate on projects, and keep everyone informed.
Information Dashboards
Centralized File Storage & Sharing
Collaboration Tools
Mobile Accessibility

Stay Informed & Engaged

Keep your teams in the loop and well-informed through our intranet platform. Share common resources and centralize knowledge for easy and convenient access.

Take Your Work With You

Using InfinCE Android and iOS mobile apps, your hybrid or in-office employees can stay connected with full access to the intranet – data, and tools.

File Sharing Made Simple

Consolidate all your data, from policy documents to work files, in a unified secure location, enabling quick and convenient access for all users.

Open Collaboration with External Users

Extend collaboration to external collaborators like clients, business partners, or vendors by granting them restricted access to files and features.

Work Smarter & Faster

Your employees can work together regardless of location. With readily accessible resources and tools, productivity scales up and results in effective collaboration.