Adieu to legacy intranet. Enter – a social network for the workplace. A familiar space where collaboration flows effortlessly, employees are well-informed, discussions and ideas flourish, and participation soars to new heights.

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A Modern, Social Intranet for a Connected & Inclusive Workplace

Beyond its function as an internal communications tool, our social intranet is a dynamic space where your teams can effortlessly access information and resources, share knowledge, run polls, participate in discussions, and communicate with maximum effectiveness.

Workplace Feed
Communication Boards
Document Libraries
Team Channels

Stay Up-to-Date On What’s Happening

Keep your employees in the loop on everything happening within your organization through the dynamic Workplace Feed. It’s more than just a source of information; it’s a collaborative space where employees can actively contribute knowledge.

Recognize Peer Achievements

Appreciate and publicly recognize key achievements or milestones your employees earn through congratulatory posts. Instill a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for boosting morale and creating a positive workplace atmosphere.

User Profiles for Better Connections

Every employee can craft a detailed profile, showcasing their professional identity, department/team affiliations, direct reportees, and reporting manager. Clear identities bring better understanding and straightforward connections among colleagues.

One Place for Your Files

Knowledge sharing becomes effortless as you can manage and share crucial information – company policies, procedures, and other documents – neatly organized into folders or subfolders for convenient access in one location.

Spice Up Collaboration On Group Channels

Spark lively discussions in dedicated spaces for specific teams or departments. These spaces unite employees with shared goals and projects, nurturing creativity and brainstorming to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Access On the Go for Uninterrupted Workflow

Now, your employees can stay connected on the go. Mobile functionality ensures that even remote/on-the-field teams are in the loop, allowing them to stay informed, engage with content, and stay connected through feeds and dashboards.