Fix disjointed communication channels, prevent information loss, and add several layers of efficiency into your organization. Revamp your internal communication – save time, reduce friction, and achieve improved results with our internal communication tool.

An Internal Communication Software for Improved Clarity and Connection

InfinCE is an intuitive intranet solution to revolutionize your internal communication landscape. It is built to foster cohesion among geographically dispersed teams.

Nurture a culture layered with trust and goodwill by keeping communication channels open and accessible.

Communication Boards
Multiple Content Formats
Intuitive Mobile App
Surveys & Polls

Unify Communication

Your information chain is no longer fragmented silos but a single source of truth. InfinCE helps you:

Communicate on The Go - Mobile Access

Stay connected and productive with the InfinCE mobile app, and experience seamless communication on the go.

Take The Driver’s Seat - Secure Storage & Sharing

Real-Time Mobile Accessibility

Stay informed with instant updates, productivity metrics, and organizational objectives presented on communication boards, available on both Android and iOS devices.

Centralized Repository

Safely store and access essential documents, policies, and processes within a secure and organized document drive, optimizing accessibility and minimizing loss.

Engagement-Driven Content Sharing

Disseminate information in captivating formats - videos, images, and more - ensuring that your internal communication is engaging and impactful.

Interactive Employee Feedback

Leverage surveys and polls to gather valuable insights and employee feedback, steering informed decision-making and active employee engagement.

Why Is InfinCE Your Preferred Internal Communication Tool?

Customizable Dashboards

Customize dashboard views at organizational, departmental, team, and personal levels through drag & drop, resizable tiles.

Dedicated Support

We offer 24x7 responsive and approachable support and concierge services.

User-Friendly Experience

Experience a hassle-free, intuitive platform with no steep learning curve, enabling quick onboarding and utilization.

Swift Onboarding

Begin your journey with InfinCE within minutes through a straightforward setup.

Secure Infrastructure

Ensure data security and restricted user access through our dedicated, secure private server and Role-Based Access Controls.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Integrate InfinCE with your existing applications and access the entire tech ecosystem through Single Sign-On (SSO).