The InfinCE mobile intranet app lets your employees stay connected, informed, and engaged from anywhere, anytime. Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Mobile Intranet That Puts The Workplace in Your People’s Pockets

Mobile Intranet That Brings Digital Workplace To Your Fingertips

Communication Boards

A go-to place for employees to track organizational updates, KPIs, team activities, and more.

Workplace Feed

A collaborative space for employees to view and share updates, ideas, feedback, and more.

Collaboration Apps

Live chat, video meetings, and more employee collaboration tools for seamless internal communications.

Employee Directory

One place to manage and access all your employee/ business contact details and guest user information.


Advanced Features To Transform The Way You Work

Communication Boards

Workplace Feed

Live Chat

Video Meetings

Employee Directory


Application Marketplace

Customize Your Mobile Intranet Experience

Personalize the InfinCE intranet app to align with your organization's brand.

Your Digital Workplace Compacted Into a Mobile Device

Bring everything together—collaboration tools, user experience, security, and all that you need—to sustain better employee communication, no matter where they are.

Robust Security

The InfinCE mobile app ensures high security with a dedicated virtual private server (VPS). User access controls safeguard data and resources, regardless of the devices on which the app is used. Our dedicated approach to access control ensures sensitive information remains protected all the time.

Connect with Everyone

Keep your employees connected, no matter where they work from. The InfinCE mobile app streamlines team collaboration with communication boards, employee directories, live chats, video meetings, and more. Quick access to business applications through the InfinCE digital workplace ensures work productivity from anywhere.

Great User Experience

Provide your entire workforce—from frontline staff to desk and mobile workers—easy access to your intranet anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Our mobile intranet app is simple and easy to use and can be accessed on both iOS and Android-compatible devices.