Why InfinCE

The unified business management software helps you achieve process improvements, cost efficiencies, and accelerated business growth.

InfinCE Digital Workplace redefines IT

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    New Business Owners

    Kick-start your business with comprehensive, branded IT infrastructure at an unbeatable price. Pay only for what you use and ramp up when needed.
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    Project Teams

    Access technical resources on-demand, consolidate project-specific information, monitor KPIs, and collaborate in real-time with a host of tools.
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    Board Members

    Collaborate securely through virtual meetings, collate board-related information, and protect confidential data using access controls.
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    IT Managers

    Onboard and offboard employees easily and manage their access to company assets from a single panel. Store data centrally and incur costs only for used information assets.
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    Multi-Business Entrepreneurs

    Organize and manage information for each business separately through multiple InfinCE accounts. Customize the environment for individual businesses and simplify exit strategy execution.
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    Seasonal Businesses

    Onboard employees quickly and manage their access to IT assets, pay only for what you use, and terminate access to all assets with a single click.
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    Consultants and Professionals

    Leverage chat/phone/video meetings under one roof with a single login. Share files securely with advanced access controls and user permissions.

Reimagine Your Enterprise with Cloud-native Capabilities

Improved Data Security

Experience absolute data privacy through virtual private servers, advanced firewalls, and encryption/password-based access controls.

Concierge Support

Concierge support through email, phone, and live chat to help organizations plan and deploy the right technology solutions to streamline operations.

Device Independence

Access the complete business management software from anywhere through any device and continue from where you previously stopped.

Quick Set-Up

Set up a business domain, website, mail server, and business apps in a matter of hours with zero coding.

Easy Scalability

Scale easily as you grow by increasing your server capacity and storage space without any hidden costs.

Reduced Costs

Mitigate infrastructure and operational costs by managing your business with optimal IT resources.

Ease of Use

Execute tasks quickly and smoothly through the simple and user-friendly UI, suited for beginners.

Mobile Connectivity

Stay connected and work even on the move through intuitive Android and iOS apps.

Simplified IT Management

Start from scratch, upgrade existing apps or integrate with your current systems through a unified platform.