Next-gen Enterprise Cloud Suite

Built to meet the future of work

A modern enterprise cloud that can reimagine your workplace is in the making. Be the first to experience it.

InfinCE is more than just a digital workplace. It’s a future-proof enterprise cloud solution that brings together all the essential productivity tools and operational apps in one place.

Digital Workplace Platform

InfinCE digital workplace provides a centralized hub for all your employees to virtually connect, communicate, collaborate, access data and share files through a secure cloud, and perform their jobs from anywhere, using any device, and at any time.

Mobile App

With the InfinCE mobile app, your employees can view relevant dashboards, contact their colleagues, engage in live chat, join video meetings, share files, receive workplace feed, and access all the business applications connected to the InfinCE enterprise cloud.

Employee Intranet Platform

A robust enterprise cloud built for the modern workplace, InfinCE comes with a built-in secure drive to store your policy documents and organizational data. It’s also easy to simplify and standardize your internal communications with the customizable, user-friendly InfinCE communication boards.

Social Intranet Platform

Keep your employees informed and engaged with company announcements, updates, news, events, milestone wins, and more through the InfinCE Workplace Feed. Encourage your team to create and share insights through the Workplace Feed to keep the conversation flowing.

Remote Workplace Platform

Make remote and hybrid work more effective and productive with InfinCE secure enterprise cloud. Get all you need to facilitate remote work – collaboration apps, productivity tools, communication boards, a branded mobile app, business phone system, virtual private server, and more – in one place.

William Walsworth

Chief Information Officer at Five Brothers

InfinCE is an amazing cloud platform. We have migrated from Zoho project management to the free and open-source project management application on InfinCE. We are planning to roll out the cloud platform across our organization.

Dr. Philip Mathew

Internist at Buzz MD

Everything I need to start my new business including e-mail, website, video calls, meetings, and document management in one place made me choose InfinCE. InfinCE team support during the initial setup was amazing

Nathan Varghese

Owner & Independent Consultant at NVComputers

I love the new version of InfinCE, an excellent user interface, and a very powerful platform. I can move from my desktop InfinCE to the custom branded InfinCE mobile app and still access everything on the go. I look forward to seeing more apps in the InfinCE app store.By the way, I love the dark mode!