Meet all your HR needs under one roof and simplify every process involved to engage and support your workforce all the way through.

Deliver an exceptional experience for your employees across their lifecycle, from onboarding to exit. With InfinCE’s digital workplace, HR managers can guide new hires, accustom them to their team and job roles, and recognize performance. Integrated tools facilitate communication and collaboration amongst teams and align your people better with the organizational culture.

Quickly Onboard/Offboard Employees

Get your new employees onboarded fast and allocate them needed assets like applications, tools, and data. Offboard employees at once by terminating access and transferring ownership.

Train Employees

Specialized learning platforms like Skill Lake help impart the right training and mentoring for your employees to support career progression and add value to your organization.

Drive Employee Engagement

Connect your employees through InfinCE’s personalized workplaces to raise engagement and align them to your company’s core values and branding.

Improve Communication

With customized feeds in dashboards, it’s easier to share company news with all and communicate effectively using tools like email, live chat, one-on-one audio/video calls & more.

Easily Manage Users

Comprehensive employee directory in InfinCE lets you quickly fetch important details of your staff for specific HR processes like payroll, leave management, etc.

Simplify HR Reporting

Organize employee data using built-in productivity tools and create custom HR reports to draw insights on employee performance, turnover, compensation, etc.

HR Management

HR Management

Enterprise HRM Apps

Effortlessly manage a range of HR-related functions from performance management, employee training, payroll, reporting, etc. using HRM apps listed in the app marketplace.

Anywhere Access

Stay connected with your teams even on the move and collaborate seamlessly on tasks or projects using multiple connectivity options available in the mobile app.

Ease of use

Simple and intuitive user interface facilitates smooth navigation to execute tasks quickly and provides ready access to a host of collaboration tools and business data in just a few clicks.