Maximize the value from business technology. Get integrated digital options and expert services from
INFINCE - on-demand - at prices that work for small business.


Getting Started with InfinCE

  • Start Fast
    Create your INFINCE account in minutes. There is no special software or hardware.
  • Rich Dashboards
    Create your own dashboards and use “smart titles” to graphically display all kinds of data from within and outside of Infince.
  • Private Email
    From: INFINCE provides each business with its own reliable, secure, and dedicated (private) email service.
  • Instant Desktop
    Quickly onboard new employees with the latest business technology. Accessible from anywhere on any device.
  • Video Meetings And Lots More
    Choose from a growing library of open source software (many without a license cost), SaaS applications, and commercial or custom software.

Information At Your Fingertips

INFINCE is the new way for businesses to run information technology. It’s cloud technology organized for today’s business. Fully supported, worry-free and cost-effective collaboration options, available when you need them. Equip all your employees in under 15 minutes.

Work From Home
Made Easy

INFINCE is all about simplifying the way your employees work with technology. Now a single login gives them all the tools, files, and data they need to work from anywhere. No special equipment. That means employees only needs a browser and internet access to work together, virtually.


INFINCE can help you save time and cost

Save on infrastructure cost with 5G-ready cloud resource configurations designed for economy and performance. With INFINCE you don’t need a large IT team or Infrastructure to manage your technology. INFINCE offers future proofed enterprise level functionality at a fraction of the cost.


Tools relevant to your business

INFINCE has a growing list of applications that you can choose from. Take advantage of numerous productivity and enterprise applications, including ERP, CRM, CMS, and HRM solutions, hosted on secure cloud environments, dedicated to your need.


Connect with customers in real-time

InfinCE gives you numerous tools that help you manage and engage with customers better. Communicate effectively, using a smart CRM and robust marketing automation solution. Provide all your employees a “remote-first” workplace.


Business-empowering Technology at half the cost

The most important part of your business is data. Hence INFINCE uses the latest cloud technologies to ensure that your data is not just secure but more importantly, private. INFINCE runs in a secure private cloud environment that only those in your business can access and which does not require a VPN.


Simplify your technology decisions with INFINCE

Want a cool new website? Create a new business email? Upgrade your CRM and accounting? Or perhaps integrate with your existing application? INFINCE can help you do this and more with a click of a button.


INFINCE offers first-class office and collaboration tools

Innovation starts with an efficient team. With INFINCE you can collaborate efficiently, share documents quickly, and bring your workforce together from different locations. You can also use INFINCE’s utility apps to edit documents with others in real-time.

Technology at half the cost!

Get started for as low as

$5 / user / month

Comprehensive Capabilities
  • Concierge Support
    Tech Consultants to ensure a smooth technology journery with INFINCE.
  • Curated Software
    Explore our marketplace to learn more about our no-cost/low-cost software. Pay only for the applications you use.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting
    Private, preconfigured, and secure cloud servers that can be scaled easily and economically.
What’s Included






Mobile App

Virtual Desktop

Secure File

InfinCE Benefits

Predictable and affordable monthly IT costs

Simple IT administration for business. Quickly onboard new employees and set up new teams

Instantly add more storage of computing resources when needed.

Lost or stolen computer? No problem. Your data is not on it.

Access all your applications using a single sign-on, no more multiple usernames and passwords

Store and securely share files within your company and with non-INFINCE clients. Collaborate with teams securely.

Managed servers, automatic backups, firewall and security administration, included.

Concierge service team to plan your technology ecosystem. Create your Custom Plan

A complete 5G-ready infrastructure that lowers costs and delivers 5G performance benefits.

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