Introduction to InfinCE Business Phone System

What is InfinCE Phone System?

InfinCE Business Phone System equips your business with dedicated phone numbers to make and receive business calls from anywhere. It’s a VoIP-based system that connects callers over the internet without having to purchase any physical equipment.

With InfinCE Phone System, it’s easy to set up a fully-functional phone system for your business bundled with essential call handling features such as call routing, custom call flows, directories and more, in just a matter of minutes.

You can choose a toll-free or local number for your business and keep your personal phone number separate. This way, you can manage your entire business communications in one place by accessing your InfinCE account on your computer or mobile device from any location.

Hosted in the cloud, InfinCE Phone System brings numerous advantages over traditional on-premise telephone systems. By using your internet connection, InfinCE Phone System facilitates voice calling at the highest quality and easily helps you get your employees connected to your business phone system.

How can businesses benefit from InfinCE Phone System?

InfinCE Phone System offers a full-fledged communications solution for businesses that helps them make and receive business calls and stay connected with their teams, clients, or customers from anywhere in the world. Opting for InfinCE Phone System enables businesses to maintain separate phone numbers that are either local or toll-free that enhances their business presence and professional image.

One defining advantage is that compared to traditional PBX-based telephone systems, InfinCE Phone System is hosted in the cloud and thus does not require expensive hardware, which makes it easy to set up, start small and scale across geographies, based on growing business demands. Customer-facing personnel or organizational units that are connected can easily manage phone calls while at the office or on the go by accessing their InfinCE account on their smartphones

InfinCE Phone System also hosts advanced features like automated call distribution, call directories, IVR options and more that ensures incoming calls to the main number are routed to the proper destination, which may be a specific employee or organizational units such as sales or support.

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