Setting up a call distribution

Call distributions are ideal if you want to set up a phone number for crucial business functions such as your marketing, HR or support team.

  • To start, go to the Distributions tab on the phone system menu and click + Add Distribution.

  • Enter a desired name in the Distribution Name field, say for instance, ‘Customer support’ or ‘HR’.
  • In the drop-down button below, you get to choose from two ways to set up the distribution for connecting inbound callers to their destinations – Sequence and Parallel.
  • By selecting the Sequence option, the incoming call will dial one recipient at a time and then tries the next recipient, once the ring timeout is reached. Choosing the Parallel option, on the other hand, dials all the recipients at the same time. The first recipient that connects will cancel ringing for all the other numbers added to the distribution.
  • Set the time limit for the recipient to answer the call by entering the value in the Ring Timeout field.

  • Then, start adding users to the distribution by clicking on + Add User and selecting the user from the list.
  • You can also add an external phone number to the distribution to connect the call, in case if the recipients are unavailable or as a parallel distribution option. For this, click + Add Phone, select the country/region and enter the phone number.

  • You can rearrange the sequence via drag/drop of the user rows. Once done, click Submit.
  • Now, configure your purchased number to direct the call to the newly created distribution by going to the My Numbers tab in the phone system menu and clicking on the settings icon on the purchased phone number.

  • In the number configure window, select Distribution and choose the created distribution from the drop-down to assign the number to the distribution.
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