Remote Working Tool: InfinCE Can Help You Quickly Transit to Remote Working

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    Remote Working Tool: InfinCE Can Help You Quickly Transit to Remote Working

    With the ever-changing market scenario, working effectively from anywhere is merely turning into a necessity more than a luxury. 

    Thanks to technology!

    Now businesses are able to counter strike even this challenge by switching to remote working environments with the help of remote collaboration tools. Statistics reveal that the number of people working from home has increased by 400% in the last decade. 

    But a question remains: 

    Although technology and remote team communication tools are making work from home or remote team collaborations possible, how efficient and productive can this work culture be?

    For instance:

    With the assistance of a remote work tool, your workforce remotely working on a critical project seems absolutely fine, until you encounter a problem that needs an immediate fix, like: 

    • You end up struggling between multiple apps to reach the concerned resource
    • Raise necessary tickets
    • Share important info
    • Monitor the task progress

    This is crazy:

    Multiple work collaboration tools might be enabling you to successfully complete the task, but compromising on time and efficiency is not viable, especially when the market is rough.

    So what is it that you need to ensure an efficient remote working environment?

    You need the right technology or the apt remote workforce management software!

    While working remotely, what’s essential is to ensure enhanced team collaboration and efficient time management. That is where you have to find the right tools for remote teams.

    Here’s the deal:

    With a remote work tool like InfinCE, you can achieve this by enabling your workforce to get up and get running remotely, within the shortest time and without the need for any special equipment. Eliminating the complexities of using multiple technologies, InfinCE, an integrated infinite cloud facility, makes the best collaboration tool for remote teams.

    So, What makes InfinCE the best remote work tool in the market now? 

    1. Reduce Technology Complexities with the Right Remote Work Tool

    When initiating a remotely functioning workforce, it is obvious to first prepare a list of the must-have work-collaboration tools like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Spreadsheets and such. 

    But it gets worse:

    Let’s not ignore that switching between multiple apps has its own difficulties. And it’s a common task you will find in every remote collaboration tools

    Check how InfinCE is reducing the complexities of engaging with multiple technologies for better remote team collaboration

    • Brings the ease of swift chats
    • Efficient video conferencing
    • Collaborated worksheets
    • Online task managers
    • Schedulers
    • Secured cloud file sharings

    But here’s the kicker: 

    InfinCE is providing all of them under one roof. Enabling a much more streamlined and efficient workflow under remote working conditions, thus InfinCE provides the best work collaboration software solution for small businesses.

    2. Effective Communication Through an Efficient Remote Work Software

    Smooth and effective communication is always the key to better remote team collaboration and a successful business. When it comes to remote working environments, streamlined communication becomes a necessity. Connecting effectively with your team and ensuring that every member is on the same page, might take more than just a few standard emails in most of the remote team communication tools. 

    What must be done? 

    Before selecting tools for remote teams, companies must ensure it onboard a variety of conversational channels like group chats and video conferencing, to facilitate a smooth and timely flow of information. 

    And, here is the best part:

    An online cloud platform and a remote team communication tool like InfinCE is dedicated to streamlining work collaborations by: 

    •  Providing seamless chat options
    •  Enabling your team to join active online meeting rooms through shared links
    •  Takes remote work collaboration to a whole new level. 

    In addition to it, this remote work tool facilitates efficient screen sharing and makes it possible to create an impact with intuitive and interactive presentations, even while working remotely. The inbuilt calendar feature makes scheduling meetings, updating events and checking member availability a whole lot easier, reducing planning time and enhancing coordination.

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    3. Empower Your Workforce with Right Technology and Remote Collaboration Tool

    Let’s face it! 

    In today’s rapidly changing environment, it takes a whole set of advanced remote work tools and technologies for small businesses to gain competitive advantage, and survive in the market. When working from home, it often becomes difficult to access many of these required tools, compromising the quality and productivity of work. 

    You might be wondering now:

    InfinCE is a simple tool for remote teams and a platform built to improve employee efficiency and productivity. With a pool of online apps and remote collaboration tools, InfinCE facilitates seamless creation of online spreadsheets, presentations, and documents, letting multiple collaborators work together in the same document for better remote team collaboration.

    The best part is: 

    InfinCE enables members to place comments and suggestions in real-time, helps reduce errors and meets deadlines more easily even in remote working conditions. 

    Moreover, InfinCE file storage facilitates secured file sharing, guaranteeing complete file security and enabling controlled access and monitoring of how your data is shared. Making InfinCE the best tool for remote workers.

    4. Secured Cloud-based File Sharing: Crucial for any Remote Work Tool

    Most small companies practice transferring files and data through USB drives or other hardware. Although such practices may feel comfortable and simple to use when working under remote environments, this may turn inconvenient, and in some cases, a huge loss and threat to the company if misplaced, damaged or gotten under the wrong hands.

    To avoid such mishaps, it is always safe and effective to rely on the cloud when it comes to transferring and storing files.

    Want to know the best part?

    InfinCE, the infinite cloud platform, provides effective cloud-based file sharing, allowing employees to seamlessly access and transfer organizational data from anywhere while enabling proper monitoring and activity logins. Thus making it a very secured remote collaboration tool. 

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    5. Complete Access and Control: A Must Feature for Any Best Remote Working Tools

    While running a small business with multiple technologies, it takes immense time and effort to manage and administer the effective functioning of each tool. Such management and administration become even more complex and difficult when shifted to a remote working environment. So, any remote work tool has to address this problem. 

    We make things simpler for you: 

    • InfinCE makes administration simple with centralized intuitive dashboards enabling seamless user management, department creations, and usage tracking, across the organization through our remote work tool. 
    • With a single sign-on remote collaboration tool, InfinCE allows employees of a company to access all their business and productivity tools under secured firewalls. 
    • With one single remote work platform, a company can gain complete access and control, while least worrying about infrastructure management, storage, backups, security, and updates.

    6. Enhanced Productivity & Efficiency: Important for Remote Team Collaboration

    In a remote working environment, what’s most important is to have effective resource management. 

    Having remote work tools that do not cater to your specific business workflows might leave you spending more time and effort in managing the tool itself, rather than enabling you to achieve an effective workforce or smart servicing environment. 

    An integrated remote employee management software like InfinCE gives your company the flexibility to choose only those tools and apps that fit your exact business needs, facilitating easy performance monitoring, and project coordination. 

    With advanced tools to assign tasks to remote workers and monitor progress in real-time, InfinCE helps organizations drive remote working efficiency and overall business excellency while contracting the efforts and time utilized for resources management.

    A fully remote and flexible “work from home” environment, demands technology to replicate the smooth coordination and functioning of an office work culture. Implementing an integrated remote work tool like InfinCE, makes effective project management, resource monitoring, group collaboration, cloud storage, and other business solutions possible, within the comfort of homes or remote. Along with boosted productivity, InfinCE also ensures a safe, secure and hassle-free IT infrastructure management for the complete organization. In rough market situations, it is critical for small businesses to rely on technologies that are simple to use, cost-saving and initiates enhanced business growth.

    To learn more about how InfinCE can help your business work from home effectively, get in touch with our experts today!

    Also, check out our infographic to unveil 8 easy tips to effectively work from home!

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