Learn how InfinCE helped Fingent boost employee engagement and build a positive company culture, helping them bag the Great Place to Work Certification three times in a row.

About Fingent

Fingent is a Great Place to Work and ISO 27001:2013 certified custom software development company headquartered in New York. Fingent’s deep knowledge and expertise in conceptualizing business ideas and delivering the most feasible software solutions have helped companies – small and large – to solve their toughest business challenges and improve their market position. Founded in 2003, Fingent’s operation centers are located in four countries – USA, Australia, UAE, and India. The organization employs more than 500 professionals specialized in diverse technologies and frameworks. Fingent is a trusted global technology partner to more than 150 businesses, including startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 enterprises.

Challenges Faced by Fingent

Strict lockdowns and social distancing guidelines implemented in March 2020 forced Fingent to adopt new standard operating procedures and restrictions to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees. They switched entirely to remote work, and the drastic workplace changes affected their employee experience.

Utilization of traditional communication channels, such as emails and phone conversations resulted in scattered data, loss of critical workplace information and disordered communication structure.

Real-time, face-to-face communication suffered a major setback as employees missed the vibrant workplace environment and conversations over coffee and lunch breaks.

Managing online communication & collaboration needs of a highly distributed workforce using third-party software posed a severe risk to the confidentiality & security of organizational data.

Installing multiple third-party business communication apps, maintaining separate login credentials, and switching between each app frequently, took a toll on business performance & productivity.

How InfinCE Helped Fingent

InfinCE digital workplace platform enabled Fingent to streamline their internal communication, workplace collaboration, and employee engagement initiatives. Several features of InfinCE, specifically the workplace collaboration apps, multi-level dashboards, productivity tools, and branded mobile app keep their workforce connected and informed in real-time.

The Benefits

InfinCE offers Fingent all the tools they need to implement an entirely new working environment that replicates their employees’ changing work experience. Implementing InfinCE digital workplace helped Fingent in the following ways:

1. Employee Engagement & Productivity Levels Reach All-Time High

  • Fingent was able to bolster their workplace engagement to the extent that their employees felt more valued at work.
  • Engagement and productivity levels reached all-time high during the pandemic-forced remote work phase, which tends to continue even after the COVID spell.
  • Employees are now better informed of organization-wide announcements and show more enthusiasm to partake in organizational initiatives.
  • Ability to host confidential data in a private cloud environment helps Fingent protect their organizational and customer data from cyber miscreants.

2. Fingent Bags “Great Place to Work Certification” Thrice in a Row

Considered the gold standard for defining great workplaces, the Great Place to Work Institute’s robust annual assessment evaluates employee experience and people practices across mid-sized workplaces nationally. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, supply chain issues, and inflation, Fingent bagged the Great Place to Work Certification consecutively in 2021, 2022 and 2023, improving its rank from 33rd to 6th in the second year. Thanks to InfinCE, the digital workplace platform equips Fingent’s workforce with all the essential tools to virtually collaborate and manage critical business functions just as in a physical office space. And the results are splendid!

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Varghese Samuel

CEO & Managing Director

Thanks to InfinCE's pivotal role in our day-to-day operations, transitioning to remote work wasn't too difficult for our large, geographically dispersed teams, at the onset of Covid. The platform was integral in streamlining our workplace communication and collaboration, creating an ideal environment where our people feel engaged, productive, and motivated to succeed. In fact, we even secured the prestigious Great Place to Work Certification for two years in a row, and made it to the Top 10 list, with InfinCE!