Five Brothers initially tried InfinCE to manage their projects. Soon, they discovered how InfinCE can help them streamline their internal communications, facilitate real-time collaboration between employees, and improve employee engagement, all contributing to a positive company culture. Today, the workforce of Five Brothers, both hybrid and remote, stay connected & informed via InfinCE, and the number is growing with each quarter!

About Five Brothers

Five Brothers is an asset management solutions provider and a leader in the mortgage service industry with 50+ years of experience. Reliable data collection, timely delivery of services, and best-in-class technology enable Five Brothers to improve the landscape of neighborhoods and communities throughout the United States. They restore communities one property at a time by taking compliance guesswork out of asset management and ensuring better outcomes at every phase of asset disposition. Backed by a strong team of experienced property preservation experts, Five Brothers ensure timely conveyance and in-depth compliance to streamline the default and REO asset management process.

Challenges They Faced

Five Brothers relied on a legacy vendor to manage their key functions. They used managerial tools that provided minimal insights into the overall team productivity, workplace collaboration, resource allocation, and planning. Legacy applications and technology hampered their overall business management efficiency and service delivery.

Organizational communication mostly happened via email, that sometimes resulted in delayed responses and critical information getting missed.

Limited ability to share interactive content with the existing outdated tools.

Visibility and time management challenges with regard to managing multiple projects simultaneously.

How InfinCE Helped Five Brothers

Five Brothers now uses the InfinCE digital workplace for all their internal communication and employee engagement initiatives. Several features of InfinCE, specifically the customizable, multi-level dashboards, keep their workforce connected & informed in real-time.

Real-Time Data Sharing Enabled via Built-in Information Dashboard

The in-built information dashboard on InfinCE allows Five Brothers to share data in real-time with their employees, regardless of their location.

InfinCE dashboards can be accessed via intuitive and branded Android/iOS mobile apps, helping their people stay informed even on the move.

Share company updates, announcements, news feeds, and other business data related across the company through organizational dashboards.

Multi-level information dashboards - team & department - can be created for sharing updates with select users and maintaining data privacy.

Employees can also create individual (private) dashboards to organize their work better.

The Benefits

1. Improved Workplace Collaboration and Productivity

InfinCE helps them establish effective workplace collaboration by meaningfully connecting people within and outside the organization.

Support for Remote and Hybrid Workforce:

  • Powerful enterprise productivity tools help remote and hybrid teams to stay connected, without losing their productivity.
  • Seamless workplace communication, employee engagement and collaboration accomplished through Secure File Sharing, Calendar, Private Email, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and more.
  • Users at Five Brothers can effortlessly log into InfinCE as well as other integrated applications with their existing credentials.

2. Foster a Culture of Trust

With the InfinCE digital workplace, Five Brothers is able to build and promote a culture of trust within their organization.

  • Effective and unified workplace collaboration for employee well-being.
  • Inclusion of employees in every aspect of business.
  • Instill a sense of pride in the work they do by sharing success stories, culture posts, accolades, and achievements.

3. See the Big Picture

InfinCE dashboards allow their people to see the big picture, aligning them better with the organizational goals and vision. The dashboards allow sharing different types of information, including news feeds, announcements, bookmarks, videos, notes, and more in one view. Varied information presented on organization, team, and department dashboards facilitates cross-functional communication and helps in bringing their people closer.

  • Improved organization-wide communication and employee engagement.
  • Well-organized data prevents critical updates from slipping through the crack.
  • Enhanced decision-making with real-time insights presented in the form of graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, infographics, and more.
  • Insights derived from the client’s internal applications are displayed on the InfinCE Dashboards, which allows supervisors to track the work status.

4. Centralized Project Management

We also helped them switch to OpenProject, a centralized project management software in the InfinCE application marketplace, which helped them manage their projects better. OpenProject brought all their workflows under a single platform, helping them track the status of each project up-to-the-minute.

William Walsworth

Chief Information Officer at Five Brothers

InfinCE is an amazing cloud platform. We have migrated from Zoho project management to the free and open-source project management application on InfinCE. We are planning to roll out the cloud platform across our organization.