Custom Dashboards for Smarter Data Analysis

Simplify data analysis and ensure effective collaboration with the data-powered business dashboard software InfinCE.

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Improve Business Efficiency with Custom Dashboards and Tiles

 We know how streamlined management and intelligent decisions drive organizational excellence. InfinCE brings you custom Organization, Department, Team, and Personal dashboards, powered by a variety of tiles, for enhanced visibility and productivity.

Accelerate Workplace Collaboration with Standard Tiles

Stay on top of organizational updates, share information seamlessly, and simplify team collaboration through a growing list of unique standard tiles.
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Standard Tiles for Collaboration - InfinCE
Custom Dashboards with Prebuilt App Tiles - InfinCE

Visualize Business Performance with Application Tiles

Extract information from business applications and visualize them on custom dashboards through prebuilt tiles. Track projects, campaigns, and other key metrics in one view.

Leverage Centralized Data using Custom Tiles

Fetch data from various sources such as external APIs, applications, and CSV files within the InfinCE drive, and uncover deep insights through an extensive list of graphs and charts.    

Custom Tiles for Data Visualization - InfinCE