Private and Secure IT Infrastructure for Your Business

Leverage private business IT infrastructure, purpose-built to meet your end-to-end needs, for enhanced security.

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Private IT Infrastructure - InfinCE

The One-Stop Solution for All Your IT Infrastructure Needs

From building your website to offering a secure intranet, InfinCE offers all the IT set up needed to run your business under one roof! Experience data security and customization, reserved predominantly by leading enterprises, at half the cost!

Launch Your Business Website with Minimal Effort

Are you not owning a registered business domain yet? Leave the A-Z steps of website building and hosting to our experts and promote your brand through a unique business domain and website with ease! We offer a range of customizable, pre-built templates. You can add more features, subdomains, or multiple websites based on your demand to scale your online presence. InfinCE extends dedicated support to register your domain name, sign up with a hosting provider, deploy your company website, and keep your business IT running smoothly all the time.

Business Website - InfinCE
Private Email Server - InfinCE

Secure Your Email account Through a Private Mail Server

Host your email service entirely on InfinCE and set up dedicated email domains for your organization, departments, and teams. The customization helps you boost your brand’s credibility and take complete control of your online identity.

Ensure Data Security with Virtual Private Servers

InfinCE offers virtual private servers that totally prevent data-sharing with third-party software vendors. The private server space can be scaled on-demand and delivers powerful CPU performance to factor in your complex business applications. Access controls across InfinCE are purely based on encrypted keys or strong passwords.

Secure Business IT with Virtual Private Servers - InfinCE
Secure IT Infrastructure for Internal Communication - InfinCE

Enhance Internal Communication and Interaction with InfinCE’s Intranet

Whether your team is working together or remotely, InfinCE makes sure that your people can effectively communicate, connect, and engage seamlessly! InfinCE’s intranet is powered by shareable dashboards, blogs, wiki, communication apps, and productivity tools that will transform employee communications across your organization.

Accelerate Your Team’s Productivity with Virtual Desktops

InfinCE empowers your remote teams with access to their digital workspaces through powerful, secure, and flexible virtual desktops, anytime. Focus on your business, while we take care of the setup and maintenance of your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and applications.

Virtual Desktops - InfinCE