XYZ Design Agency is working on a creative project that requires close collaboration among its team members. However, due to various reasons, such as the continuing remote work arrangements and team members located in different time zones globally, it becomes challenging to conduct regular in-person meetings on a regular basis.

To overcome this hurdle, XYZ Design Agency decides to opt for video meeting software that has a handful of capabilities like multi-screen sharing, recording features, and polling capabilities.

Use Case Description:

XYZ Design Agency is tasked with creating a brand identity for a new client. For this project, they had to organize brainstorming sessions, design reviews, and presentations to the client. To facilitate collaboration among their remote teams, the agency decides to utilize a video meeting software throughout the project lifecycle.

By deploying the video meeting software, the agency found its many distinguishing features especially helpful in bringing up collaboration and engagement, both among its team and clients. These features include –

Multi-Screen Sharing

Using the video meeting software, team members were able to share multiple screens at the same time. This proved hugely beneficial, notably during the elaborate brainstorming sessions, which allowed designers to share their sketches, mood boards, and design inspiration on one screen and the project manager to display the project timeline and deliverables on another screen.

This multi-screen sharing feature brought in seamless collaboration and visual communication among team members, fostering a creative and productive environment.

Recording Feature

The video meeting software comes with a recording feature inbuilt to ensure that all participants and non-participants have access to discussions and decisions made during the virtual meetings at a later time. With this, the agency can record design reviews, client presentations, and feedback sessions.

These recorded sessions serve as a reference for team members who may need to revisit specific discussions or capture important insights that they have left out. The recording feature ensures that no valuable information or ideas are lost and allows for effective project management.

Guest User Access

With this feature, the agency can easily invite external stakeholders, such as clients, marketing teams, or consultants, to join their virtual meetings without requiring them to create an account or go through a complicated authorization process. This guest user access ensures smooth collaboration and inclusive communication, allowing external participants to actively contribute their insights and feedback to the creative project. It eliminates barriers and simplifies the onboarding process for non-team members, fostering a more efficient and productive collaboration experience.


To gather quick opinions, preferences, or votes from participants, the video meeting software incorporates a polling feature. During design reviews or decision-making sessions, the project manager can create opinion polls to gather feedback on color schemes, logo variations, or other design elements.

The team members can respond to the polls in real time, providing instant feedback to guide the project’s direction. This polling capability streamlines the decision-making process and ensures everyone’s input is considered.


Seamless Collaboration:

The video meeting software with multi-screen sharing has made it easier for the design agency to collaborate effectively, share visual content, and discuss ideas in real-time, regardless of the team members' physical locations.

Enhanced Project Management:

With the recording feature, team members can refer back to discussions and decisions, ensuring alignment and reducing any chances of miscommunication. It also helps to onboard new team members who can catch up by watching the recorded sessions.

Efficient Decision-Making:

The polling feature strengthens the decision-making process, allowing the team to gather quick feedback and make informed choices collectively.

Improved Client Communication:

The video meeting software enables the agency to conduct virtual presentations to clients, ensuring timely feedback and maintaining a healthy and engaging client-agency relationship.