Best IT Asset Management Software for Your Business

With InfinCE IT asset management software, you can proactively manage your information assets with ease, from a single place.

Scale your IT infrastructure and assets efficiently as you grow. Get a centralized, 360-degree view of your IT infrastructure from anywhere, at any time.

Centralized IT asset management software to streamline your IT operations

  • Centrally control your entire IT assets and infrastructure– server, storage, and apps.
  • Configure user access controls, that is, authorize select users to access critical business apps or files, and revoke access when needed.
  • Single sign-on to simplify access to multiple apps and secure your data.
  • Scale your IT assets and infrastructure on-demand with minimal impact on your business.

Protect your data from unauthorized access

Safeguard your critical data using stringent access controls provided by InfinCE.

Authorize provisioned users to access your files and apps, or revoke their access any time, with a single click.

Secure file-sharing features within the InfinCE IT asset management system – such as password protection, password expiration, and select edit access – protect your data from unauthorized access.

Scale storage on-demand with InfinCE

Easily scale your IT system’s storage capacity based on your growing needs.

Monitor the data storage requirements of individual users and differentially allocate storage based on consumption. This way, you can optimize resource utilization and bring down your IT infrastructure costs.

We offer 20 GB storage for FREE, right from the basic plan!

Scale your server capabilities to match the rising demands

InfinCE offers dedicated server options to scale your server capabilities based on demand. Our computing modules and instance types are built for performance and can be deployed when needed.

Subscribe to our basic plan and get 2 vCPUs, 4 GB RAM for free!

One set of login credentials for all your business apps

Access all the installed applications and other services on your IT infrastructure management platform with a single set of login credentials.

Single sign-on offers an efficient authentication process to improve your convenience and security by reducing the risk of data breaches.

Yes, InfinCE allows you to differentially allocate storage to each user based on consumption.

Go to InfinCE IT infrastructure management software > Administration > Storage Allocation to view the overall storage details.

Storage capabilities vary according to the plan you have purchased. InfinCE offers 20 GB storage for FREE, right from the basic plan, which can be increased based on-demand.

Yes, you can access all the installed applications and other services on the InfinCE IT infrastructure management software with a single set of login credentials.

No, InfinCE IT asset management software allows you to purchase any number of applications from its curated app marketplace.

Yes, you can provision multiple applications to a single user and set access controls to grant or revoke access to them, any time.

Except Skill Lake and Open Project, all the other applications in the InfinCE marketplace can be purchased multiple times.