How A Digital Workplace Streamlines Business Performance

With the advent of the digital workplace, the way we work has undergone a radical change. No longer tethered to a physical location, today’s workplace technology makes it possible for employees to flexibly work and collaborate with teams from anywhere by utilizing a full range of digital business tools accessible via a unified platform.

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    So, how important is it for organizations to integrate digital workplace strategies in their current business practices? 56 percent of organizations state digital workplaces as a key priority in their developmental efforts and 72 percent of organizations already have or are considering an established digital workplace strategy or program¹ to digitize processes and improve efficiency. With millennials making up the largest segment in today’s multi-generational workforce and the rise of mobile workforces, which in the coming years will account for 60 percent of the total U.S. workforce², this is slated to considerably push the bar further.

    Besides, companies utilizing digital tools in virtual working environments report a remarkable increase in productivity, engagement, and revenue growth. By maximizing employee engagement, smart digital workplaces are helping organizations redefine their customer experience as well.

    In this white paper, we focus on why organizations should adopt a clear workplace transformation strategy using digital tools and how this ultimately helps businesses enhance their employee and customer experience.

    In this whitepaper we take a look at :

    • What is a digital workplace?
    • The state of digital workplace today
    • Why should businesses build a solid digital workplace strategy?
    • How a digital workplace streamlines business performance