Managing Storage and Server

Storage Upgrade and Maintenance

Your InfinCE Workplace includes 5 different kinds of storage – OS Storage, System Storage, File Storage (User Storage and Group Folder Storage), Mail Storage, and Application Storage. Click on each of the related articles to read more on managing & upgrading each of these storages types.

A user with Administrative privileges have the access to manage and upgrade Storage.

  1. OS Storage (storage covering the InfinCE workplace server)
  2. System Storage (includes files shared on Chats, and system level contents like images on Info Tiles etc)
  3. File Storage (includes User storage and Group Folder storage)
  4. Mail Storage (if your mail is hosted in InfinCE)
  5. Application Storage (if you have bought a business application in InfinCE)

Server Monitoring and Upgrade

To monitor any of your InfinCE Workplace Servers, click on Administration> Servers tab. Your InfinCE Workplace server and servers hosting all the business applications that you have purchased are listed here.

Server Listing under Administration

For each server, you can monitor the CPU usage (left), RAM usage (centre) and the OS, File & DB (if present) storages along the right. If OS Storage is close to exceeding the available capacity for the InfinCE Workplace server, please contact InfinCE Support. Our team would get in touch with you to understand your needs and do the upgrades necessary for your requirement. For updating the System or File storage for the InfinCE Workplace server, refer Managing System Storage and File Storage. For updating the storage of your Application servers, refer Manage Application Storage and Servers.

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