Manage User Storage

“User Storage” refers to storage used by individual users for their Files, plus the common storage for all the media files shared over Chat. By default, INFINCE allocates 2GB per user (which is the minimum), and a 5GB for all the Chat media.  Any allocation beyond the minimum is in your control and Administrator users of INFINCE can manage this for the organisation.

User storage management can be done under Administration > Storage Allocation tab. Refer to image below and read on for the details.

Managing User Storage

Allocation of Storage

The total “User Storage” that has been purchased can be considered to have 3 parts

  • Files Storage, which is the sum of all the storage allocated to individuals for their Files.
  • Chat Storage, which is a common pool holding all the media files shared over Chat
  • Unallocated Storage, which is the portion of purchased storage that is free and has not been allocated for either of the two above.

Managing Files Storage

A unique and very useful feature of INFINCE is that it lets you have a differential allocation of Files storage across users (beyond the minimum 2GB). This enables you to utilise the purchased storage more effectively, without having to increase the quota across the board.

To increase the Files storage for a user, scroll down to his row below or Search by his/her name. Update the “File Quota” value and hit on the Save button that appears next to it. Please note that there should be enough unallocated storage available for you to be able to do this. If not, you may need to buy more storage (see below) before increasing a person’s quota.

Similarly, you can also decrease the quota of any user.

Update File Storage for user


Managing Chat Storage

Chat Storage is set aside as 5GB by default. Unlike Files Storage, this is a common pool, and is not at the user level.  To increase this limit, click on the “+Manage Chat Media Storage” link in the “Chat Media Usage” section.

In panel that pops up, you would have the option to adjust this storage. Please note that the maximum additional storage that can be allocated is limited by the “Unallocated Storage” available for you. Move the gauge to the desired level. Click on the “Update Storage” button to save your changes.

Allocate more Chat Media Storage


Cleaning up Chat Storage

You can also periodically clean up this space by clicking on the “Clean up” link in the “Chat Media Usage” section. The panel provides 2 options.

1. Manual: Here you can chose a timeline from the given options. When you click on “Clean up”,  all media files that were shared before the chosen timeline would get deleted.

Manual Clean up of Chat Media Storage


2. Auto Clean up: Click on the “Set up auto clean” link in the pop-up to set up automatic clean up the Chat Media space. You can schedule clean up to automatically erase all media files that are a Day older/Week older/Month older/Year older. Hit the “Save” button to save your Auto clean-up schedule.

Set frequency for auto clean up of Chat Media space


Buying more Storage

When you run of your “unallocated storage” and need more Files or Chat Storage, click on the “+Add User Storage” link at the top. On the panel that pops up choose the additional storage required. You can choose in multiples of 5GB, starting from 10GB. The rate per GB and the total cost for the additional storage are shown here.

Buy more User Storage

Click on “Buy Storage” to purchase the additional GB. The additional amount would start showing up from your next monthly bill.

If you face any issues or have queries regarding the storage management or upgrade, please contact INFINCE Support.

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