Ensuring Faster Enterprise Mobility Adoption

How SMBs Can Overcome Challenges to Build a Mobile-First Workplace

The rise of flexible, remote work culture and the need to address a large population of mobile-savvy millennial workforce is creating an unprecedented demand for enterprise mobility. 

Over 86 % of email users worldwide use their smartphones to access emails, reports Adobe. By enterprise mobility, we do not just focus on accessing emails on smartphones. It is a cultural and business transition that involves technology, people, and processes spanning departments. Hence every step a small business takes in the direction of implementing enterprise-wide mobility involves challenges that they need to mitigate. 

Here are five challenges that SMBs should overcome to ensure sustainable mobility adoption in enterprises. 

1. Cultural Resistance

When your organization comprises resources from different generations, there is friction that is bound to happen in several areas and your technology infrastructure is no exception. Most of your staff will be accustomed to their desktops or laptops and prefer working from the office. For them, the idea of transitioning to a highly decentralized and mobile workforce where remote working is a norm and smartphones become the mainstay device could be overwhelming. 

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As a business owner, you need to step in to resolve this cultural challenge by creating awareness among your staff on the benefits of mobility. Having a well-planned migration into mobile-friendly collaboration channels is highly appreciable. It can help soften the transition and give space and time for employees to gradually accept the new norm rather than forcing them to accommodate a new way of working one fine day.

2. Business Process Alignment

Even if you are a small business enterprise, there are certain standard and well-defined business processes and workflows your employees follow to help serve customers efficiently. While incorporating mobility, a considerable effort must be put into re-aligning your key business processes. This will boost the adaptability of mobility best practices.

Polices like BYOD which are critical in enabling enterprise mobility make it necessary for business processes to be re-defined. These may include information-sharing protocols, work management policies, timeline management, security policies, and much more.

3. Seamless Collaboration and Communication

When employees begin to opt for a culture of remote and mobile-first work experience, there is a huge demand for interactive and real-time collaboration capability. Through digital channels like InfinCE, SMBs can facilitate employees to stay connected with their peers, share information, work on tasks together, manage responsibilities and dependent activities, conduct virtual meetings or video conferences, and so on. 

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For customer-facing roles, it is important to deliver insights and information on the go on handheld devices. Knowledge archival and sharing via cloud platforms need to be highly encouraged. This is vital for field employees to deliver value during client interactions. 

4. Flexible Application Support

As more enterprise functions and capabilities get mapped to mobility mode, small businesses need to ensure that your workforce gets dedicated applications to leverage these functions completely from their smartphones or remote devices. Hence your technology ecosystem needs to support the development of custom enterprise mobility apps for various business functions. It could be CRM, HRM, ERP, CMS, document management, collaboration, and project management, and much more.

For instance, The InfinCE mobile app gives you access to most of the features of your virtual desktop, formatted for the smaller screen of your smartphone. You can view all your Dashboards, contact everyone in your organization, Chat or Video call with colleagues, access your Business Applications, and attend the Online Meetings.

5. Security and Device Management

With the advent of digital channels, there is a large volume of customer data that passes through different enterprise systems daily. When your business incorporates mobility deeper into its operations, then a lot of devices come into the network like personal laptops, smartphones, and even smart IoT devices. Confidential data and information get exchanged through these devices regularly. Hence security and data privacy becomes a huge challenge. 

SMBs must ensure that standard encryption protocols, data protection policies and access control are implemented to prevent any untoward incident. There should be intelligent monitoring of data logs and employees must be transparently held accountable for their responsibilities to ensure that no modification or manipulation of data happens without approvals from concerned departments. Compliance laws like GDPR make it necessary for enterprises to enable secure experiences for customer data across all channels through which it is shared.

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Enterprise Mobility is rapidly being adopted by small businesses across the globe. From ensuring business continuity at times of crisis to empowering employees to sustain a perfect work-life balance, the advantages are numerous. With an enterprise platform like InfinCE powering your digital backend, the transition can happen seamlessly. InfinCE allows small businesses to unify their digital infrastructure and empower employees with the flexibility to rapidly increase mobility. Secure cloud-based infrastructure, an extensive app ecosystem and a 24 X 7 support team guarantees that your mobility transformation happens seamlessly and without disruption. Get in touch with our experts to know more about InfinCE.

INFINCE – A One Stop Technology Solution for Small Business

INFINCE is a cloud platform built to run your business in a completely new way via information technology. This cloud-based software comes fully-supported, hassle-free, user-friendly and very much cost effective. Having INFINCE at your small business is like taking your business to the next step by simplifying the way you work and concentrate on your business growth. The efficient functionality of INFINCE combined with its user-friendly technology and flexible features allows you to manage everything from the simplest to the most complex, in a convenient and comfortable manner. 


Why should a small business opt for INFINCE?

A big business starts small,” said Richard Branson. The road to becoming large-scale for broadening services and reach begins with finding and deploying the right technology solutions. Technologies like the cloud have turned out a major disruptor and undergone widespread adoption by businesses, big and small.

Compared to on-premise technology, cloud platforms have global accessibility, secure infrastructure, and reduced spending. INFINCE brings the cloud advantage within reach of small businesses through its –

  • Simplified Cloud-based Technology – Set up your own website and email with just a few clicks.
  • Efficient Office and Collaboration Tools – Collaborate efficiently, share documents quickly, and bring your workforce together from different locations.
  • Secure & Private Preconfigured Cloud – Privacy and security for your data on secure private virtual servers.
  • Curated Applications Marketplace – Click and buy business applications from a growing list of applications including CRM, CMS, and HRM solutions, hosted on secure cloud environments and dedicated to your need.
  • Single Sign-On Accessibility  – Single Sign-On enables you to have unified access to all your business software.
  • Concierge IT Services – Enjoy seamless IT with hosting, maintenance, and updates managed by a dedicated team.
  • Seamless User Interface – Intuitive user experience for beginners.
  • Enhanced Mobility – User mobility with mobile apps for smartphones and tablets with white labeling.
  • 24/7 Technology Support – Highly dedicated support team with an email, live chat, and phone support.


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How to Deploy INFINCE in your Business

The process displayed below will help you to know how easily INFINCE can be set up and made ready for use in your organization.


Collaboration Tools in INFINCE

INFINCE is a one-stop solution that integrates an array of tools with the capability to do multiple things.  

Collaboration Tool

Applications – On Purchase

Apart from the collaboration tools, you have the option to purchase applications for specific business needs.

Business Software                                    

How will INFINCE Help your Business?

Small businesses need to execute their projects in a very efficient and economical way. They can boost their productivity and efficiency with INFINCE as their preferred technology partner. INFINCE helps project teams get their work done faster, no matter how or where they work. The cloud-based solution brings dispersed teams together as they work through planning, managing tasks, allocating, tracking, document management and other functions.

Key Attributes of INFINCE

Collaborative Work Environment

  • Collaborate with all the team members. (i.e. internal, external, remote, and distributed team members)
  • Virtual workplace enhances collaborative project planning and better work streams
  • Real-time chat and communication with team members
  • Manage, share, and sync project calendars with personal calendars of members
  • Helps individual team members keep commitments by having personal task lists and deadline reminders
  • Conduct online meetings
  • Centralized data, documents, and contacts allow cross sharing between the team
  • Access virtual workplace to view project information through mobile/computer

Automated Planning and Scheduling

  • Create virtual project teams with geographically dispersed members (i.e. internal, external, remote, and distributed team members)
  • Better define and manage project requirements
  • Efficiently schedule task duration, milestones, and deadlines

Digital Asset Management

  • Keep everyone updated with version control, change tracking, and document history
  • Easily secure file sharing between all team members from different devices
  • Manage and archive project files securely in a structured and accessible way                                    
  • Have a good document repository for uploads and attachments

Server Properties

  • Managed, private and secure server for everyone
  • Separate dedicated server for each organization
  • Flexible and convenient to use by all
  • Stable and consistent
  • Back-up options

User management

  • User permissions and roles
  • User Roles
  • User Groups

How to Manage Tasks using INFINCE

  • List, assign and prioritize tasks based on deadlines and dependencies
  • Update task list status, organize, track and make visible to the team
  • Personalized task management for individual team members
  • Ability to oversee the tasks that are overdue, ongoing and planned
  • View and analyze day-to-day tasks and progress across teams and projects
  • Execute multiple projects with better quality, on time and efficiently


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Who Will be Benefited Most Out of INFINCE?

  • Construction Firms – A construction company to share client estimates, project plan, layout between the employees and clients as well as assign tasks to employees.
  • Legal Services Firms – A legal firm to share case details between the lawyers and clients.
  • Small scale Manufacturing – Small scale manufacturing companies to assign tasks, share documents, communicate between teams, and view product timelines.
  • Marketing & Consulting Firms – Marketing and consulting firms to manage and collaborate tasks on different campaigns and project. Allows task scheduling, monitor time spent and measure ROI on all marketing projects.
  • Health Clinics – Clinics can use INFINCE to manage the appointments of all the patients and store the patient’s history.
  • Software Firms – For document sharing, task assignment, project management handling client calls, real-time chat, and marketing.
  • R&D Companies – R&D can have project management tools to ensure the smooth transfer of knowledge and technology to other groups or departments involved in innovation, file transfer and file management.
  • Insurance Firms – Insurance companies to enhance their performance, more products can be sold and retain customers by keeping the project on track, easy transfer of lead details, schedule tasks between employees and much more.


As a secure and economical cloud platform, INFINCE is the right choice for businesses running on limited capital. With its potential application stretching across a swathe of different industries, INFINCE brings the simplicity of the cloud and resources configured for optimal performance that elevates workforce productivity.  Get in touch with us today to deploy INFINCE at your business.