InfinCE is purpose-built to enhance your employee experience through real-time collaboration, better data accessibility, and improved transparency at work.

Complete phone system for all your business communications

Get the flexibility and mobility of a virtual phone system to streamline your business communications. Set up your business phone service in minutes. No long-term commitments.

Cloud-based business phone system for effective team and customer communications

  • Make and receive calls with dedicated business phone numbers from any device – computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Choose a telephone number and route calls using custom rules and greetings.
  • Improve your customer service with truly unified business communications powered by the InfinCE business phone system.

Intelligent IVR system to automate your inbound calls

Create professional greeting messages with IVR to greet your incoming callers.

The IVR system interacts with your callers, gathers important information, and routes calls to the right agents.

Improve your customer service efficiency, manage incoming call spikes, and increase customer satisfaction with auto call backs.

Feature-rich cloud VoIP phone system for business of all sizes

InfinCE offers an all-in-one, intuitively designed business phone service to stay connected with your distributed teams and customers around the world.

Powered by VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), it’s the best alternative to traditional business phone systems.

No hardware investments needed! Use your existing mobile devices, IP desk phones, or computers to make VoIP calls with InfinCE.


Dedicated phone number for work-related communications

When making work-related calls from your phone, safeguard your privacy by displaying the caller ID of your business telephone number, not your personal phone number.

Choose any type of business phone number – local, global, or toll-free – and stay connected wherever work takes you.

Virtual phone system at an affordable price

Access InfinCE cloud phone system anywhere, anytime, and place business calls instantly using virtual phone numbers.

Purchase phone numbers and add unlimited extensions, starting at just $1/phone user/month.

Enjoy lower call costs-per-minute based on the time actually spent on calls. No cancellation fees required.

Never miss a single call from your customers

Assign extensions to your key personnel, and optionally provide them a dedicated phone number to make and receive business calls.

Make as many simultaneous calls as there are extensions, using a single phone number.

Handle business calls from anywhere, at any time, using an internet-enabled device.

Achieve automated call distribution through call directories

Use InfinCE call directories to assign individual or group extensions, route calls to users simultaneously or sequentially, or forward calls to internal or external numbers.

Minimize call waiting times by customizing call flow paths and diverting callers to the right agents.

Ensure seamless customer experience with smart call management features.

Yes, you can purchase dedicated phone numbers for your organization using the InfinCE business phone system.

Yes, the InfinCE virtual phone system connects you to phone lines in any country upon request. Currently, five countries are available by default – USA, UAE, Australia, Canada, and India.

Yes, InfinCE offers VoIP phone system (voice over internet protocol) and IVR (integrated voice messaging) to facilitate your voice messaging and other business communication needs.

InfinCE allows you to purchase phone numbers for each phone user within your organization and allocate unlimited extensions per user starting at just $1/phone user/month.

Yes, InfinCE provides automated call distribution accomplished through its call directories. Click here to know more.

No physical systems are required. InfinCE offers a virtual phone system powered by the cloud.