All-in-one collaboration platform to boost workplace engagement

Use InfinCE employee collaboration software to stay connected and work from anywhere, at any time, through any device.

Best collaboration tool to accelerate your team’s journey from ideas to action

  • Feature-packed employee collaboration software for remote and hybrid teams
  • Make greater business achievements by working together and faster
  • Enable seamless workplace collaboration to boost engagement, growth, and innovation

Virtually connect your teams, customers, partners, and guest users

Bring onboard your clients and partners to meetings through shareable meeting links, without forcing them to download the InfinCE app.

Ensure secure virtual meetings by setting passcodes for external participants to join.

Make your virtual meetings highly interactive with multiple screen sharing, meeting recording, and live chats within meetings.

Meeting organizers can create Breakout Rooms during scheduled meetings to allow smaller groups of meeting participants to collaborate and engage in meaningful conversations.

Create personal meeting rooms for all your upcoming meetings.

Share ideas, feedback, and updates company-wide or with teams

Feeds is the go-to place for all things happening within your organization. Whether it’s company announcements, team-specific updates, upcoming events, celebratory moments, etc., it’s the place where your employees can stay informed and engaged.

Think of it as a virtual notice board, giving insights about what’s happening in your organization and across teams and departments.

Feeds isn’t just about receiving updates, it’s about sharing ideas and knowledge! Team members can create and share their insights through text, photos, or videos, thus deepening collaboration and engagement.

Keep the conversations flowing. Users can interact with posts and show appreciation through likes, comments, and expressive emojis.

Advanced cloud telephony system with smart call management features

Full-fledged communication solution to make and receive business calls and stay connected with your teams, clients, or customers from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy advanced features like automated call distribution, call directories, IVR options, and more.

Your sales team can use the InfinCE phone app to connect with customers across 65 countries!

Incoming calls to your main phone number are routed to a specific employee or department such as sales or support.

Discuss work on the go with live chats

Done with an important project report? Don’t waste your time composing a long email. Quickstart a live individual or group chat to discuss the report.

Instantly share messages, reactions, status reports, and files securely via InfinCE live chat and continue your workplace interactions.

You can also initiate a live chat with any guest user (external participant) who you’ve invited using InfinCE.

Keep your company contacts at your fingertips

Use the InfinCE employee directory to easily find and reach anyone in your company.

Initiate a call or chat with anyone in your organization directly from the InfinCE employee directory.

Build high-performing teams with the right collaboration tools

Choose from a wide range of collaboration apps to continue the conversation with your peers, no matter where they are located.

Engage in meaningful workplace conversations, team bonding, and brainstorming with undivided attention.

Take work forward without switching tools

InfinCE provides all the collaboration apps in one place to move work forward, so your tasks don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Communicate with colleagues, brainstorm to discover solutions, manage projects, and bring all your team members on the same page of communication using InfinCE.

Yes, you can run multiple meetings side by side.

Yes, recording is available at meetings held via InfinCE. You will receive a notification after the meeting with the link to the recorded file – which is saved in the files meetings folder.

Yes, you can invite external participants using their email id, either while creating a meeting or by sharing the meeting link to their email id.

No separate apps are required to create or join InfinCE meetings.

There is no specific limit with respect to the number of users who can join the InfinCE meeting.

Yes. The InfinCE mobile app is available for iOS as well as Android users. The instructions to download the mobile app are available on InfinCE web app. Click here to know more.

Yes. You can make an online call using the InfinCE app. One-on-one voice and video calls can be made via InfinCE.

InfinCE also provides a cloud business phone system to make and receive business calls and stay connected with your teams, clients, or customers from anywhere in the world.

There is no need to purchase any physical system to use the InfinCE phone system. InfinCE offers a virtual phone system on cloud.