InfinCE is purpose-built to enhance your employee experience through real-time collaboration, better data accessibility, and improved transparency at work.

All Your Favorite Business Apps in One Place

InfinCE app marketplace offers a growing collection of proven business software to improve your organization’s employee engagement and productivity, under a single login!

Control your software spend by removing inactive users and unused apps. Plug-in to any business app that adds value to your organization, some with no license cost!

A comprehensive HR management system to manage the workforce and streamline crucial administrative tasks.

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An online accounting software for small businesses and freelancers to manage their finances.

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A CRM solution that streamlines pipeline management for marketing and sales teams.

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A simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organising and storing information.

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A fully integrated and customizable suite of open-source business applications to meet all your business needs.

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A competency-based training platform to maximize the productivity of your workforce.

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A forum software with an easy-to-use administration interface, themes, and moderation tools to manage discussions.

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An HR management system to manage performance appraisal, recruitment, incident management, and more.

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A leave management system to simplify the management of leaves and overtime approvals

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A platform to manage multiple online stores from a single dashboard.

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A software to manage interactive community forums for customers and potential clients.

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A help desk app to manage customer tickets and assign them to the respective departments.

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A leading survey tool to conduct market research, feedback surveys, polls, elections, and academic research.

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A wiki software to build, track, and share a repository of knowledge internally and externally.

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A marketing tool to manage campaigns and collaterals, track metrics, and generate reports.

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An app to create websites or blogs by purchasing custom domains and choosing from hundreds of easy-to-use templates.

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A content management system to create websites, blogs, and portfolios using widgets, themes, and plugins.

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A CRM app to maintain a repository of customer information and derive insights for more conversions.

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An all-in-one app with the basic components of Project Management, HRM, CRM, Tickets, Event Calendar, and Finance.

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A project management software to track the status of projects, and assign tasks within your team.

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A project management platform to create workable product road maps, share plans, and track tasks.

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Our fast-growing marketplace has more apps lined up!
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A growing app marketplace to boost your employee productivity and engagement

  • Control your enterprise’s software licensing costs by monitoring your software usage, and removing unused applications and inactive users.
  • Quickly integrate any new software with your existing system.
  • Scale or replace any software with ease through our dedicated IT concierge team.

Open-source and commercial business software

Make your choice from a wide range of open-source and commercial business apps, developed by leading software vendors.

Augment your choice of business apps with integrated SaaS options.

What’s really nice is that InfinCE users only need to login once to access any software from the marketplace!

Stay in track of your software subscriptions

Use the InfinCE control panel to track your software subscriptions on the curated app marketplace.

Stay on top of your software costs by removing inactive users and unused apps, based on your business needs.

Access to several license-free apps

Except for a few, most apps on the InfinCE app marketplace are license-free.

However, certain marketplace options (except SaaS), require an InfinCE virtual server for which there is a monthly charge.

Add new software to the marketplace

Can’t find the required business software in our app marketplace?

Don’t worry. Just post a request for it! InfinCE can add any compatible software to its marketplace.

What if you need a business software that doesn’t exist yet? We can work with you to develop your own special-purpose custom software!

You can subscribe to any number of business apps on the InfinCE app marketplace. There is no specific limit.

Click on the “More Info” button displayed on each application to view the app details, including license documents, if any.

No. You must provision the users by navigating to the Administration menu – Application section.

Yes. Except Skill Lake and Open Project, you can buy multiple instances of all the other applications.

You can contact the InfinCE team to raise a request to include a new business app.