Different Ways of Connecting Users to the Phone System

You can connect users to InfinCE Phone System by assigning them an Extension. 

Extensions are short internal numbers assigned to an employee or organizational unit in your organization. By enabling extensions, you can connect callers to an employee or different sections/organizational units by routing the calls to their intended recipients. 

Know more about assigning extensions to your users here.

Once you’ve assigned extensions for users, there are three ways by which you can map users to the purchased phone number. 

  1. As a Direct Call – With this option, you can set the phone number to serve as a direct number connecting a specific user. Know more about setting up direct numbers here.
  2. As a Distribution – Using call distributions enables you to programmatically route incoming calls to different functions or organizational units in your organization. See how you can set up call distribution pathways here
  3. As a Directory – By configuring call directories, you can greet callers with personalized messages and direct them to employees or organizational units in your organization. Check out this detailed guide to setting up call directories here
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