Email Hosting: Managing email accounts, storage and DNS records

One of the earliest needs for a new business is to have an official email address for all business related email communication. There are several email hosting options available. If you are signing up for InfinCE Workplace, you can avail the Email hosting option provided by InfinCE, as it enables you to manage all your assets in one place.

Hosting Email in InfinCE

You can choose to host your email in InfinCE during your Sign up process (paid plan). Your email server will be up and running when your signup process is complete, without any hassle!

Even if you had already set up email hosting elsewhere, you can choose to move it to InfinCE for easy administration. Please contact us, so our Consultants can help you through the process. 

Once your email hosting is set up/moved to InfinCE, you can create new email accounts, manage the email storage and manage your DNS records related to email from within InfinCE Workplace.

Email Accounts

When your Emails are hosted within InfinCE, every new InfinCE user automatically gets his email configured. 

User creation will automatically create the mail for the user if your Email is hosted within InfinCE
InfinCE user profile displaying his email id (hosted in InfinCE) and Mail Storage usage

In addition, you can also create additional/generic email accounts for business functions like sales, support, marketing etc. These can be created and managed from the Administration > People > Users > ‘Additional Email Accounts’ tab. These additional email accounts can be handled by the concerned members of the department and configured within their email client for monitoring. 

Creating an additional email account
Listing of additional email accounts. You can add new accounts and manage existing accounts.

Change Password

Click on the ‘Change Password’ icon in the ‘Additional Email Accounts’ tab to change the password of the additional email account.

Changing the password

Convert to InfinCE User

To convert the additional email account to InfinCE user, click on the ‘Convert to InfinCE User’ icon in the ‘Additional Email Accounts’ tab. The user will be redirected to the ‘User Registration’ page, where they can enter the required details and register as an InfinCE user.

Converting Additional Email Account to InfinCE user

Managing Email Storage

The default email storage allocated for every account is 5GB. The users with administrative privileges can change this at the individual level depending on the user requirement. Read this article for more details on managing user storage.

Monitoring User Mail Storage

Email Client

InfinCE Workplace comes pre-packaged with an Email client. The Email client will be automatically set up if your email is hosted within InfinCE. But if your email is hosted outside InfinCE and you wish to view the emails within InfinCE, view this video on mapping your email.

Manage Email DNS Records

When you are hosting your email in InfinCE, you can view and manage your DNS records related to email under Administration > Settings > DNS page.

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