A suite of remote work tools that makes way for a secure, privacy-first, super-affordable digital workplace platform that can also serve as your backup!

Collaboration Apps

  • Set up interactive and secure virtual meetings with clients and partners.
  • Instantly communicate with your teams via messages with the live chat feature.
  • Find contact details of your employees in one place through the comprehensive directory.

Communication Boards

  • Address basic collaboration needs with a growing list of preloaded tiles.
  • Share important announcements, bookmarks, or updates across the organization or a team.
  • Keep notes, sync correctly with global time zones, conduct polls, share information in varying formats, and more.

Branded Mobile App

  • Stay productive on the go with dashboard access, emails, meetings, and more.
  • Create an engaging workplace by customizing the mobile app with your brand’s logo and colors.

Business Phone System

  • Assign extensions to personnel or departments and distribute calls automatically.
  • Intelligently manage and route inbound calls with the built-in IVR system.
  • Assign extensions to personnel or departments and distribute calls automatically.

Productivity Tools

  • Ready-to-access office tools – documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to create a wide range of data.
  • Secure file sharing with anyone inside or outside the organization through access controls and user permissions.
  • Equip your organization and everyone in your organization with a professional email hosted on your company domain.

Data Visualization Boards

  • Gather data and visualize them on dashboards in varying forms to uncover business insights and key metrics.
  • Fetch data from multiple sources – subscribed business apps, APIs, CSV, and Excel files and present them on a single dashboard.
  • Showcase data in the most preferable way and organize them on dashboards for easy access.

Curated Application Marketplace

  • Choose from a curated library of open-source and commercial business software by leading vendors.
  • Manage and track your software subscriptions by removing unused applications and users.
  • Request and add compatible software to the marketplace that meets your business needs.

External User Access

  • Invite external users – customers or business partners to collaborate with employees in InfinCE workplace securely.
  • Set basic access permissions for outside users to view dashboards, access files, and use chat, meetings, and business apps.
  • Add and manage guest users, edit profiles, remove users, and revoke access to assets in a single place.

Role-based Access Controls

  • Provision required access to workplace modules and files to users or groups and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Choose from predefined roles or customize new roles to meet unique organizational requirements.
  • Define access levels to let users choose from the different sets of permissions available.