How do I choose a server?

The server configuration will determine the compute power that is available for your application to function. On the Application Purchase screen, you would see a list of options. This begins with the minimum recommended configuration for the application concerned. 

You could either choose the minimum recommended configuration, or opt for a higher configuration, after considering the following factors.

Factors to consider while choosing the server:

  • The complexity of the application and the memory/compute capacity required to handle the expected processing load.  
  • Expected total number of users who would need to access the application.
  • Expected number of concurrent users.
  • If you wish to try out an application, then we recommend you to go for the minimum proposed configuration, and upgrade when required.

Need guidance?

Unable to decide which is the right server configuration? Contact us! Our technical team can guide you through the decision making process. 

What if I have a custom requirement?

If your desired combination of vCPU, RAM, and SSD is not listed, we can configure a custom server as per your requirement! Let us know your needs

Can I upgrade/change the server?

Definitely! If you observe that the chosen server is not enough to support your needs, contact us and we can help you with the same.

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