Managing Guests on InfinCE

InfinCE Guest User feature facilitates easy collaboration between your employees, customers/business partners. Guest Users are external users for whom you can provide limited access on InfinCE, such as view permissions on Dashboards and Files (zero individual file storage), Chat with connected InfinCE users and, access to join Meetings and provisioned Applications. InfinCE users with relevant permissions can invite Guest Users by providing their email id.

Here is a quick walk-through of the InfinCE Guest User feature:

Inviting Guests

InfinCE users with required permissions can invite Guests to collaborate on the InfinCE Workplace. The guest users can be invited through Administration > People > Guest Users or People > Guest Users.

The steps for inviting Guest Users are given below:

  • Click on the ‘Invite Guest User’ button.
Inviting guest user
  • The ‘Invite Guest User’ pop-up appears, where you can enter the email id of the Guest and select the team and role (not mandatory) to which you are inviting the Guest.

Note: Only basic roles can be assigned to the guest user. 

  • Click the ‘+’ button to add the guest user to other teams and roles.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button.
Inviting Guest User
  • The Guest will receive an email notification, where they can click to register with InfinCE.
  • The Guests will be listed in the ‘Guest Users’ page.
  • The status of the Guest will be ‘Pending’ until they register to InfinCE Workplace.
Manage Guest Users
  • Click the ‘Settings’ icon against the Guest user listing to view the invitation details. You can also cancel the invitation or resend the invitation while it is in pending status.
Cancel invitation

Guest User Profile

The InfinCE users can add and manage guest users with limited access to InfinCE Workplace. Guest users can only have view permissions on associated team dashboards and limited permissions on files, chats, and meetings.

Manage Guest User

Once the Guest has activated their account, click on the guest user name or on the ‘View’ icon to redirect to the guest’s profile page, where you can view the basic information, personal information, user details, applications used and team information of the guest user. You can edit the basic information, personal information and team details of the guest user. Click on the ‘Send Message’ button to send a message to the guest user. You can click the ‘Change Password’ button to change the guest user password.

Guest User Profile

Remove the guest user from the team

Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the ‘Guest Users’ tab to view the user who has invited the guest user to the team.

Click the ‘Remove’ icon to remove the guest user from the team.

Guest Registration & Login

When the Guest is invited, an email is sent out to their email ID with the URL to register and create their Guest account on InfinCE. Details of how the Guest can access InfinCE are covered in the article “Guest Access to InfinCE

Collaborating with Guest User

Sharing Files

The InfinCE user can share files with their Guest.

  • Click on the ‘Home’ menu on the top and click on the ‘Files’ menu on the top left.
File Sharing
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon to upload the file.
Uploading the file
  • Once the file is uploaded, click on the file and the ‘Share’ icon to type in the Guest User email id for sharing the file.
Sharing the file with Guest User

Sharing Folders

InfinCE users can provide the create and edit rights for the shared folders, so that the guest users can create and edit the files in that folder.

  • From the InfinCE Dashboard, click on the ‘Files’ menu and the folder you want to share. Click on the three dots and the ‘Details’ icon. In the right side, click on the ‘Sharing’ tab and type in the Guest User email id for sharing the folder with them.
Sharing the folder to the guest user
  • Provide the create/edit permissions for the shared folder. Then the guest user can create and edit files in the shared folder.
Setting permissions for the shared folder

Sharing Dashboards

InfinCE users can create a team and add Guest Users to it. In the ‘Home’ menu, click on the ‘Dashboard Settings’ icon on the top right. Click on the ‘Teams’ option, select the team from the drop-down and click on the ‘Submit’ button to share the Dashboard within the team. Now the Dashboard will be visible to all members of the selected team (including the Guest User) and can be editable by the users having Administrative privilege on this team.

Chat with Guests

The InfinCE user who invited the Guest can directly chat with them.

Chat with Guest Users
  • Click on the ‘Guest Users’ icon on the right navigation panel to view the list of Guests you have invited to InfinCE.
List of Guest Users

Invite Guest to Meetings

InfinCE users can invite their Guests as participants to meetings.

Adding Guest Users to the meeting
  • The Guest Users can view the meeting details in the ‘Meeting’ section of their InfinCE Dashboard.

Provision Applications to Guests

The users with Administrative privilege can provision applications to the Guest using the following steps:

  • Click on the  Administration > Applications > Installed Applications.
  • Click on the ‘Manage’ button of the required application.
Installed Applications
Provisioning Guest User to the Application
  • Click the ‘Add User’ button.
Adding Guest User
  • In the Add User pop-up, select the user’s role, choose the ‘User’ option, select the Guest and click the ‘Submit’ button.

Managing Guest Users

As a user with Administrative privilege, you can view all the guest users by navigating through Administration > People > Guest Users. Click on the View button against the User to view the guest user details.

Previewing Guest User details
  • You can view the basic info, personal information, usage details, applications used, and team information of the Guest User.
Guest User Profile
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon to view the user who has invited the Guest to InfinCE.
Guest User Settings
  • You can view the InfinCE users connected to the Guest, the Teams they are part of, and when the invitations were sent out.
Guest User Invited by
  • Click on the ‘Remove’ icon to remove the Guest User from the team.
  • Click on the ‘Delete’ icon to permanently delete the Guest from InfinCE Workplace.
Delete guest user

Stay tuned for more upgrades to Guest User!

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