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How Fingent Achieved Breakthroughs in Collaboration with InfinCE Digital Workplace Orchestration Platform

Fingent, a company based out of New York, United States, is a global leader in custom software development and technology consulting. Over the last 16 years, the company has provided strategic IT business solutions for 100s of customers, and is a force to reckon with in the IT arena.

Challenges Faced by Fingent

With a geographically dispersed workforce of 400 employees spanning 4 countries, Fingent was struggling to cope up with the issues associated with online collaboration. The hassles of installing multiple third-party apps, remembering their credentials, and switching between them incessantly, was taking a toll on its business productivity.
The conventional way of communicating company updates via emails was not resonating deep enough with their employees. Fingent knew they had to adopt a speedy, modern, and improved method of keeping its workforce informed and engaged.

Committed to maintaining confidentiality in all matters related to their projects, Fingent was skeptical about relying on apps from multiple third-party vendors for communication and coordination.

InfinCE Digital Workplace Orchestration Platform - Revolutionizing the Way
Fingent Communicates

In the wake of the chaos stemming from a multi-vendor environment, Fingent switched to InfinCE Digital Workplace, the all-in-one platform for remote workers. In a matter of minutes, the entire workforce embarked on the remote work tool without the aid of any special equipment. By signing onto the remote work platform once using their desktops and laptops, the users were able to access all the collaboration apps and productivity tools required to work, under one umbrella.

The below features of the enterprise collaboration platform are being employed in their full capacity by the fast-growing organization for seamless communication.

Data-Powered Dashboards

Shareable, tiled dashboards that represent data stored internally or within third-party apps, in visually appealing graphs and charts. This helps users cut through the data deluge and look for critical details in one view.

Dedicated Servers

Server storage dedicated exclusively for a single business. This prevents the risks of data sharing with third-party cloud providers and ensures critical data never leaves the company.

Collaboration Apps

Diverse collaboration apps such as private email, online meetings, live chat, audio/video conferencing, and screen sharing for easy exchange of ideas within the team, or with clients.

Productivity Tools

A secure drive with word, presentation, spreadsheet, and other office tools to create, store, and share information without worrying about data security. World-Clock, calendar, and other add-ons help in effective time management.

Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktops for remote employees to connect to their work desktops even while away from their desks.

Mobile App

A private mobile app with the user’s logo, colors, and all the collaboration features available on the web app. An extensive directory with the contact details of all employees, accessible at a button’s click, is another distinguishing feature of the InfinCE app.


InfinCE Digital Workplace helped Fingent improve its productivity by twenty percent through real-time, effective, and easy collaboration between its globally spread teams. The platform’s ability to host confidential data in a private cloud environment helped the company protect itself from data breaches. Most importantly, the employees are now better informed of organization-wide announcements and feel more involved in Fingent’s activities.