Proactive IT Infrastructure Management for Business

Manage your information assets with ease and scale efficiently as you grow with the centralized IT management platform InfinCE.

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Seamless IT Infrastructure Management from One Place

With InfinCE, you can centrally control your entire IT assets – server, storage, and employees, and set access controls for your files and apps via a single login. Having better visibility over your allotted resources makes it easier to scale on-demand with minimal impact on your business.

Safeguard Critical Data with Stringent Access Controls

Quickly onboard or offboard your employees through InfinCE’s user management controls.  Provision access and define user roles for installed business apps. Leverage secure file-sharing features within the IT management platform, such as password protection and select edit access, to further protect your data from unauthorized access.

User Access Controls - InfinCE
Storage Management - InfinCE

Oversee and Manage Storage Based on Usage

Closely monitor your users’ files, chat media, and mail storage usage and flexibly scale on-demand with InfinCE. The versatile storage management controls make it easier to differentially allocate storage to users based on their consumption, thereby helping you optimize resource utilization and bring down costs.

Scale Server Configurations to Meet Business Needs

Scale your server capabilities effortlessly with increasing demand to keep your business running smoothly at all times. The dedicated server options of InfinCE comprise computing modules and instance types built for performance, that can be deployed when needed.

Server Management - InfinCE
IT Management with Single Sign-On - InfinCE

Single Sign-on for Convenience and Security

Access all the installed applications and other services in your IT infrastructure management platform with one set of login credentials. The single sign-on option adds to an efficient authentication process, which in turn leads to more convenience and reduced risks of data breaches.