Manage Your Company Assets Resourcefully

Seamlessly track and manage the usage of software, servers, and storage from a single panel. Scale-up computing resources dynamically to ensure superior performance and expedite business growth.

Flexible Cloud Management Options

For IT managers, InfinCE’s central administration capabilities bring in an effective way to monitor and manage company assets – servers, storage, app subscriptions, licenses, and employees from one location. Stay in control of allocated resources and provision IT optimally to sustain business operations at peak efficiency and lower costs.
Smoothly Onboard/Offboard EmployeesCreated with Sketch.

Smoothly Onboard/Offboard Employees

It takes only a few clicks to onboard new employees, manage their access to applications and files, and revoke them when needed.

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Create Secure Workspaces

Give your employees access to secure workspaces on InfinCE’s private servers coupled with needed tools and apps, accessible on their personal devices.

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Deploy Website & Email

Build and host business websites on the InfinCE server in a few steps and set up dedicated email domains on private servers for employees, teams, and departments.

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Scale Resources On-demand

Keep your business running smoothly at all times by efficiently scaling server configurations or storage space based on resource utilization.

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Track Software Subscriptions

Buy enterprise software from the marketplace with one click and no long-term commitments and track their subscriptions on the central panel.

Comprehensive Business Management Software

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Single Sign-on

One set of login credentials gives unified access to all your business applications. No need to switch between multiple login details, thus improving user experience and security.

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Access to Technical Help

Concierge support is available round the clock from our dedicated support team to ensure that all your technical needs are met.

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Control Costs

Prevent unused licenses from draining on costs by automatically removing applications from your license count with a single click.

Experience Seamless IT Management With InfinCE

Switch to InfinCE for a fast and efficient way to create, monitor, and manage entire IT assets to drive strategic business goals.
Experience Seamless IT Management With InfinCE