Drive workplace collaboration and productivity


Multi-Screen Sharing



Online meeting software for small businesses to address workplace collaboration needs

  • Built-in high-definition voice and video calling with high quality audio and video sharing
  • Multi-screen sharing, meeting recordings, in-meeting chat, polls and surveys, breakout rooms, and personal meeting rooms
  • Messaging and continuous collaboration with people inside and outside of your organization
  • Built-in security, user-friendly interface, and white-labeling options to empower remote team collaboration and productivity
  • Distraction-free online meeting experience with background noise cancellation and performance adjustments

Record your online meetings for future reference

  • Record your online meetings to ensure that all the meeting participants as well as non-participants stay on the same page without missing a beat.
  • Revisit important meetings and discussions at any time, from anywhere by referring to the meeting recordings.
  • InfinCE meeting recording captures audio, video, and screen sharing activity and stores it automatically on the InfinCE drive.
  • Meeting recordings stored on the InfinCE drive can be shared securely with people (intended users) both within and outside your organization.

Share screens, audio, and video to make your meetings more meaningful

  • Share your screen, tab, or window with other meeting participants instantly, with the click of a button, to make your presentation more insightful.
  • Multiple participants can share their screens simultaneously during an online meeting to save time and add more clarity to the discussions.
  • Share videos from YouTube or even direct video links during an online meeting to support your thoughts or for quick reference.
  • Select audio on browsers and share it instantly with the meeting participants.

Personalize your online meeting experience like never before

  • Personal meeting rooms: Create your own virtual (personal) meeting room and customize it to match your requirements. For instance, you can create customized, and reusable meeting links for recurring meetings using the personal meeting rooms feature in InfinCE.
  • Breakout rooms: Breakout rooms feature in the InfinCE online meeting software allows organizers to create smaller groups of meeting participants, so they can engage in focused group discussions or brainstorming sessions.

Manage online meetings with minimum interruption and maximum interaction

  • Create and launch interactive polls and surveys during an online meeting to get instant feedback from the meeting participants.
  • Frame customized questions for polls and surveys and see the results in real-time to make informed decisions or next steps.
  • Using the Raise Hand feature, a participant can virtually notify the meeting host that they want to ask a question, share a point, or make a comment during the meeting.

Engage in real-time messaging during online meetings

  • Make your online meetings highly interactive and productive by using live chats within meetings.
  • Click and select any participant from the list of meeting attendees to initiative an individual live chat with them.
  • With the interactive whiteboard feature in InfinCE online meeting software, meeting participants can collaborate on a virtual whiteboard in real-time to brainstorm, draw, and annotate ideas.

Take full control of your meetings

  • Schedule online meetings and send meeting invitations and joining reminders to ensure that everyone is prepared and available on time.
  • Intuitive meeting controls in our online meeting software allow you to mute other participants when the presenter is speaking, unmute attendees during Q&A or discussions, and regulate access to the meeting to ensure a focused and productive session.

Enjoy distraction-free online meeting experience

  • Use the background noise suppression feature to reduce external distractions and interruptions, and ensure attendees never miss a word.
  • InfinCE online meeting software offers a range of options to help you find the best balance between performance and bandwidth. Adjust the performance settings of InfinCE online meetings to optimize the video and audio quality.

Reach maximum audience with social media live streaming

  • Share your InfinCE online meeting with a broader audience by live streaming it on Youtube.
  • Maximize your reach and connect with a much larger audience through InfinCE live streaming.
  • Allow more participants to view the meeting live streamed on YouTube, instead of joining InfinCE.

Protect your online meetings by letting in only authorized participants

  • Get added visibility into who’s joining your meetings. Ensure the privacy and security of your meetings by enabling the Lobby mode in InfinCE.
  • When the lobby mode is enabled, participants can join a meeting only when their joining request is formally approved by a moderator.
  • Control who enters your virtual room and keep your meeting secure with InfinCE lobby mode.

An online meeting allows two or more participants to connect and collaborate virtually using an online meeting software. An online meeting involves using audio and optional video conferencing between two or more participants. In these meetings, video allows participants to see the expressions and reactions of each other in addition to hearing what they’re saying. Online meetings are also known as virtual meetings, video meetings, and web conferences.

Online meetings are becoming more important today than ever before as many companies switch to remote or hybrid work models. In a hybrid work culture, employees work some days in person at their office and some days at home or from another remote location, such as a coworking space. Online meetings have become the only option for employees to stay in touch and discuss work virtually no matter where they are located physically.

Online meetings benefit your business in many ways:

  • Online meetings help ensure that you never miss an important meeting, even if you can’t be physically present at the office or your work location.
  • Online meetings allow you to see and interact with coworkers face to face, which leads to more natural conversation, collaboration, and trust.
  • Online meeting software offers participants different ways to engage such as  audio, video, chat, screens sharing, polls, surveys, hand-raising, and so on.

Some of the top features offered by InfinCE online meeting software for small businesses are:

  • Meeting recording
  • Personal meeting rooms
  • Breakout rooms
  • Multi-screen sharing, audio and video sharing
  • Live chat
  • Interactive polls, surveys, and hand raising
  • Interactive white boarding
  • Meeting live streaming in social media
  • Secure meeting access and controls

InfinCE online meeting software allows two or more people to connect and collaborate with each other virtually, just like how they would interact face-to-face. The software is designed specifically to create a better overall experience for people who want to chat, call, and collaborate online—anywhere and anytime.

InfinCE online meeting software integrates seamlessly with an entire suite of productivity apps to save your time, optimize workflows, and improve usability. By facilitating real-time communication and collaboration among remote and hybrid workforces, InfinCE fosters employee productivity, participation, and morale.

Yes, any InfinCE online meetings or calls can be recorded for future use. The recording captures audio, video, and screen sharing activity, and stores the recording on the InfinCE drive, so it can be shared securely across your organization.

You will receive a notification after the meeting with the link to the recorded file – which is saved in the meeting files folder.

Yes, InfinCE allows multiple participants to share their screens simultaneously during a meeting. A screen can be shared as a tab, window or an entire screen. This is highly useful for comparing multiple documents and reports in real-time. Sharing multiple screens saves your time and adds more clarity to your discussions.

No third-party apps are required to join an InfinCE meeting, you only need to have a meeting invitation URL sent by the host.

InfinCE users can click the meeting icon on the InfinCE online meeting software interface to view and join the scheduled meetings.

Here are the different ways by which an InfinCE user can join a meeting:

  • Click on the link within the meeting notification email
  • Open the Calendar event and click on the meeting link
  • Click on Join Meeting from the meeting details panel in InfinCE
  • Join the meeting from the Mobile App.

Non-users of InfinCE (eg: external invitees) can join the meeting by simply clicking on the meeting URL sent by the host or meeting organizer.

Yes, you can invite external participants to join InfinCE online meetings using their email id, either while creating a meeting or by sharing the meeting link to their email id.

InfinCE helps ensure the privacy and security of your online meetings by:

  • Setting meeting password: Secure your meetings with a meeting passcode. Users will need to enter the passcode to join the meeting.
  • Enabling lobby mode: When the lobby mode is enabled, participants can join a meeting only when their joining request is formally approved by a moderator.

There is no specific limit with respect to the number of users who can join the InfinCE meeting.