InfinCE is purpose-built to enhance your employee experience through real-time collaboration, better data accessibility, and improved transparency at work.

Make Your Brand Instantly Recognizable

We offer white label services to achieve the brand recall you need and boost your organization’s credibility.

Use InfinCE white labeled platform to bring on board a consistent brand experience that your employees and customers will always cherish.

Establish brand consistency at your workspace through our white labeled software

  • Consistent brand experience across your employees’ workspace and all touchpoints – private email, web and mobile apps, website, video meeting rooms, and more.
  • Build brand recognition, nurture relationships, and grow your revenue streams with extensive custom branding options.
  • Enhance brand loyalty, cohesiveness, and team bonding among your remote and hybrid teams.

Host your workplace on a domain of choice

Now map your workplace to your own domain, with a subdomain of your choice to reflect your brand. For example, if your company “XYZ” likes to host your InfinCE workplace on your own domain with the subdomain as “workplace”, the URL will look like this –

Make the InfinCE workplace your own and part of your assets to give your employees a consistent experience throughout.

Give your work email a professional makeover

Personalize your work email’s interface to reflect your brand-specific components.

Set up professional custom email domains to add credibility to your business.

Enjoy higher email open rates and response rates by increasing your emails’ authenticity and readability.

Personalize your brand’s software

Reflect your brand’s image in all the software, web and mobile apps you use for internal and external communication.

InfinCE web and mobile apps can be customized to reflect your organization’s logo, name, color, theme, and background for an improved end-user experience and increased brand recall.

Branded workspace to connect your employees

InfinCE connects your teams to a custom-branded workspace that displays information based on your preferences through flexible tiles.

The workspace enables your team to align well with your organization’s core values, resulting in increased employee engagement and productivity.

Make your brand heard in every business meeting

Utilize every meeting to reinforce your brand’s name in the minds of your prospects and customers.

Customize the login screen of InfinCE video meeting rooms to showcase your brand’s logo.

Transform your video meetings into a conducive forum for building long-lasting relationships with your employees and clients.

Set up your company website in a few hours

InfinCE’s white labeled platform offers pre-built templates that can be tailored to launch your own website, in your own business domain.

You can customize the theme, color, logo, graphics, and other components of your website to match your organization’s branding needs.

Absolutely no coding required!

A white labeled platform is a software package made by one company which is packaged and sold by other companies under various brand names. Typically, the company that developed the white label software offers it to agencies or other customers to enable the possibility of reselling the software under the customer’s brand. For example, InfinCE is a white labeled platform that offers pre-built templates that can be tailored to launch your own website, in your own business domain.

To learn how to add your company logo, color, theme, and other brand-specific components on InfinCE, click here.

No specific technical know-how is required to custom-brand InfinCE for your organizational purposes. InfinCE white label services are highly intuitive and user-friendly.

Yes, you can customize both InfinCE web and mobile apps to match your brand’s components. Click here to learn how to customize your mobile app.